Podcast Ep 78: All About Affiliates

Together with my former business partner from The Money Gym, Nicola Cairncross, we’ve created a regular weekly podcast which is called Own It! Your Business and Your Life. If you enjoy audio, give us a listen. New episodes are published every Friday. You might also join our Facebook Group where we debate matters arising from each episode, and/or Like our Facebook Page where we publish each episode as it goes live each week. You can also subscribe at iTunes.


microphone-639192_640In episode 78 we talk about affiliates. Have you ever made any affiliate income from recommending the products and services you love? Would you like to? I’ve got a couple of upcoming opportunities where you could earn by recommending firstly the recordings of our Virtual Summit at Own It! the podcast, and secondly the launch of my new venture with Victoria Casebourne called The More Mastermind. And I realise I’ve missed a trick historically though recently I have earned some really useful sums of money from being an affiliate. Every little helps especially if it defrays your own expenses of being online.

Nicola knows some people (Mechanic profiles mostly) who make tens and hundreds of thousands as affiliate marketers but from the other side of the fence she thinks it can be difficult to motivate others to sell for you, no matter how generous the reward. I’m prepared to give it a go as I think it would be wonderful if so many of our loyal podcast listeners could make their first bit of “free” money online simply by recommending something they already enjoy every week.

In other news we talk about birthdays, sausage rolls, hospital visiting, sleepless nights, funnel building, the summit interviews and what we are learning from talking to business owners who have taken deliberate steps to design their own lives beyond the laptop.

Our words of the week are Exhilarated and Life as the interviews inspire me to realise that we haven’t given nearly enough attention to the second half of our strapline Your Business AND Your Life, which I shall be taking steps to change for the better in our next 78 episodes.

Our project updates are again all about the virtual summit – 17 speakers booked, 5 already in the bag, 2 blog posts written, and 62 out of 100 Thunderclap supporters – do help if you can please it only takes seconds.  And I am launching an affiliate group (see above) and a blog competition where you tell us all about your own dream lifestyle beyond the laptop on your blog and we share it on ours and give away a top prize of the Platinum Package of summit recordings which is valued at $297 and includes a year-long membership of our Pro Group where we will mix and mingle with others designing their ideal and dream lives too, including me. Oh and there are three runner-up prizes of the Gold Package worth $197.

Then we talk about how impressed we are with a couple of telly programmes (Billions and The Island USA) but particularly with the story James Schramko told us earlier that morning, all about losing everything he owned when he was robbed in California including his computer, phone, car keys, wallet and watch and was left in literally the clothes he was standing up in – a T-shirt, flip flops, no trousers and no way to get in touch with anyone or fund his return trip to Australia! He told us how that inspired him to simplify his life still further as he chose not to replace everything he’d lost.

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