Podcast Ep 80: Busting Tolerations

mac-459196_640In episode 80 of the podcast, which airs today, we discuss busting tolerations. These are the things which have been on your to do list for ages but you never quite get around to doing. In my own case it’s the spaghetti of plugs and cables under my desk which need tidying up. In Nicola’s case it was organising herself so that she could work outdoors in the sunshine.

But you know the sort of thing – you have to step around it or step under it and you keen meaning to tidy it all away. Or you just need to get a handyman in to fix it. Or you need to set aside some time to work out a better system.

Meanwhile you are tolerating something that doesn’t work, or you’ve bodged it and you’ve got used to the compromise or you go the long way round to achieve something instead of fixing the broken thing ‘cos you convince yourself you haven’t got the time or the money right now. Busting tolerations is a way of freeing up brain space, energy and time. You will be amazed. It is a false economy not the prioritising of finding the fix ‘cos you feel so liberated once you’ve done it. I guarantee it.

What are you tolerating? And how soon will you bust it and find your best solution? Do share.

Resources: TruValues and NeedsLess. Set aside a bit of time to work on those and they’ll help you identify tolerations you’d be well to remove from your business and your life.

In other news, we talk about Rose from New Zealand, and Jacqueline Rogers of The Athena Network and the power of follow-up. Our words of the week are Efficient, Product and Tripod (for Cath).

Our project updates focus on the upcoming Virtual Summit about life beyond the laptop. We’ve interviewed 14 of our 18 speakers at the time of this podcast going live and I’ve written all of those up on our summit blog. We’ve got 88 of our 100 Thunderclap sponsors, and I’ve engineered a big clearout on Trello. Nicola’s figuring out the tech specs and we’ve got lots of lovely time left now for the marketing of the summit itself, and of the evergreen product which will be on sale forever, enabling us to monetise the podcast after 18 months in the radio game. We could use some entries into our blog competition if you fancy sharing your own dream lifestyle and writing it up on your own blog or sending me your entry so I can write it up on ours? #OwnItSummit

When it comes to who or what’s impressed, for me it was James Roche telling us in his interview that he’s “easy to partner with” and Nicola is impressed by me and how my contribution to the summit has made all the difference to her as I’ve taken care of most of the admin and scheduling and got her to see the evergreen potential of our product, hence her word choice of the week.


Together with my former business partner from The Money Gym, Nicola Cairncross, we’ve created a regular weekly podcast which is called Own It! Your Business and Your Life. If you enjoy audio, give us a listen. New episodes are published every Friday. You might also join our Facebook Group where we debate matters arising from each episode, and/or Like our Facebook Page where we publish each episode as it goes live each week. You can also subscribe at iTunes.

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