Podcast Ep 82: Unhook Yourself from the Future

newspaper-412763_640In episode 82 of Own It! The Podcast Nicola and I continue our journey through the 28 Strategies for Business and Personal Success, taken from the book by Thomas J. Leonard, a mentor to us both, called The Portable Coach. This week is all about how to Unhook Yourself from the Future and live in the now. Here’s the skinny:

Focus on the “now”. Free yourself of the worries of tomorrow and yesterday. Always affirm “I’ll focus completely on my family while I’m with them and totally on work while I’m there”. A smooth and secure present-time orientation is the most effective way to attract a better future.

  • Give up a lifelong dream that hasn’t been progressing well.
  • Put all of your goals aside for 30 days and just do what you feel like doing each day.
  • Identify three “if…thens” in your life, meaning things you are doing now in order to have something later and, instead, work on the “then” (the ultimate goal) directly.

In other news, our words of the week are Freecycle and Social. There’s a lot of talk about social, Nicola is particularly in love with it this week, even more so than normal it appears, particularly those experimenting with monetising Snapchat. She’s been out and about over the bank holiday weekend enjoying the Brighton Food Festival and helping her sister make an effective wardrobe cull. And I have been resting, relaxing, enjoying a family party (and meeting the Chairman of Audioboom, a long-time friend from my childhood) and having the week off to pack and store and get rid of my stuff in preparation for my house move. And there’s talk too about girls and football in our Who or What’s Impressed section at the end of this week’s show.

Our project updates section is mostly about our summit on 18th and 19th June – Beyond the Laptop Lifestyle – now that we have recorded and blogged about and scheduled all of our 18 speakers. We’ve got 2.5 weeks of marketing to go, creating future sales income from an evergreen product and anticipating testimonials from those who attend free and live on the weekend itself. We are inviting our speakers to become affiliates and I am helping them with links and copy, and getting them to add their social reach to our Thunderclap campaign, that work being scheduled for 10th June. Three (THREE!) entries came in for our blog competition just moments before the midnight deadline on 31st May and I’ve got to re-record one of our ads for the show after Nicola rather over-enthusiastically cut it!


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