Podcast Ep 83: The Reluctant Video Star

girl-850117_640I don’t know about you but I am very definitely a reluctant video star. I don’t like to consume content on video so I don’t produce it on video either. This is somewhat against received wisdom and the current bandwagon, but no one way suits all.

In this week’s podcast ep 83 we debate Nicola’s client who is reluctant to be the face of her own brand and what, if anything, can be done about that. Can you leverage your logo and your brand personality and values and your blog to equal effect instead? Yes, we think you can.

In other news, words of the week are Creativity and Patience. And Nicola is impressed by Caitlyn Jenner which triggers a lengthy convo about the special challenges of being transgender. And I talk about all those I see going through special challenges generally… including bereavement, health, stress, travel, lost passports, loved ones on the operating table, moving house and half term… you name it. I see my clients and colleagues folding these into their lives and finding a way to manage them, cope with them, solve them and emerge with good grace, for what choice do we have?

I’m in Week 9 of moving house and my buyer threatens to pull out, leaving me three days to save the sale. Can I do it? We shall see. Despite that I spent last week (my first ever adult half-term) clutter-clearing on Freecycle and Gumtree and feeling liberated for it. Nicola’s bagged two nice new juicy clients for her business and her son’s been asked to be a DJ at Wild Life in Shoreham.

Nicola’s working on a new software with Zoltan her Serbian techie and I’m excited and upbeat and scared about my impending life changes and working consistently at reducing the length of my working day so I’ve got time to enjoy my new locations on the move.

In regards to our upcoming Summit, Beyond the Laptop Lifestyle, we’ve now successfully tested Go To Webinar on all our gadgets – desktop, laptop, phone and iPad – and discovered that those intending to join us for free live on the weekend of 18th and 19th June should download the Go to Webinar app in advance for a smoother experience on the day.

We’ve made our first $500 in pre-sales, we’ve been social media sharing every day, commissioning images to show while the interviews are playing, finalised, publicised and circulated to the speakers their timed schedule on the weekend and one of our speakers has taken our Thunderclap reach up to over 350,000 – yee ha! It’s all go and pretty full-on and I shall be relieved (but delighted) when it’s over; relieved to drop the extra workload and yet delighted that we’ve created an evergreen product and found a way at to monetise the podcast which means, in turn, that we can increase its reach.

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