Podcast Ep 85: Persevere, persist or pivot?

board-928392_640One of the speakers on our recent virtual summit for Own It! The Podcast talked about perseverance being the key to his success.

My view is what choice do we have but to keep on keeping on?

My accountancy business took twenty years from start-up to sale. And I am 14 years into my coaching business. Seems I’m more of a sticker than I thought!

Along the way there have been some much more short-lived businesses, those that ran their course for one reason or another. But even in those, where it was within my control, I kept on keeping on too.

So in today’s episode of the podcast we debate how to know whether you have a business idea which is worth sticking with and my belief that it takes three years until you break through, though some elements of your success comes much sooner for sure.

Recommended Book: The Dip by Seth Godin. Subtitled “the extraordinary benefits of knowing when to quit (and when to stick), Nicola confesses that it didn’t help her to know when to do either!

In other news, our words of the week are Time and Kindness.

We describe the adrenaline comedown and post-event exhaustion after working for 11 hours on both Saturday and Sunday, and the gratifying feedback of those who did attend live. Monday morning dawned wet and rainy (big rain) and we both had difficult days. Fortunately Tuesday dawned and all’s much better now.

Project Updates are all about our takeaways from the summit itself, was it too long in the live event? If shorter, what impact would that have on the digital product we are creating? How does being in momentum in such a passion project create other good things to show up in our lives and businesses?

And we’re impressed by Gousto, and John, the controller at the local taxi firm of Safe Cars, who solved my Mitsy problem on Tuesday and conveyed her in a luxury limmo to her new forever home. Here she is with her new bestie, Kaela. Irony of ironies, we can’t get her into that basket for love nor money, now she won’t come out. And there, in one sentence, is why I love cats. Mitsy is her own woman.

Mitsy at her new home

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