Podcast Ep 86: Sales Letters and Compelling Offers

Special Offer Sales LettersWould it be of benefit to your business to create compelling offers via sales letters?

In episode 86 of the podcast, we talk about creating a sales letter for our evergreen product, the recordings from our recent Virtual Summit – Beyond the Laptop Lifestyle.

We work through the five elements of a compelling offer, copywriting headlines, reasons for prospects to buy at all and, more importantly, to buy now. We are each going to write one and split test. I’m going to love the words and leave the tech to Nicola, as ever.

Here are links to the recommended resources in regard to compelling offers and sales letters:

  1. Sales Letter Cheat Sheet
  2. Classic Copywriting Headline Templates

In other news, we talk about British summer rain, slugs and snails (!), my sale being apparently and urgently back on, jobs done and jobs outstanding, and our fires are fuelled respectively by Dan Norris’ simple structures (Nicola) and my clients being kind to me in my own difficult week.

Our words of the week are Storytelling and Stickability.

Our project updates are all about the sales letters.

And Nicola is impressed by the return of Game of Thrones and me by Marcus Willis who won on the first Monday or Wimbledon, beating the guy ranked at #52 when he himself was ranked #772 and, in so doing, winning £50,000, hence stickability when he was about to give up pro tennis.


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