Podcast Ep 88: When to Refresh

lime-907124_640When is it the right time to refresh your website, your blog, your sales pages and your various client and customer offerings? Probably not as often as you feel the desire to do so!

Clients like familiarity and reliability and find both reassuring, while we Creators are addicted to new, new, new. How can you satisfy your need for new and the needs of your clients for same, same, same, bearing in mind much of your visitor traffic will be seeing it for the first time anyway and have no idea whether or not it is new or old or somewhere in between.

In podcast episode 088 we explore our desire to refresh and how that can meet the needs of our businesses and our clients, and whether or not a refresh fixes the perceived problem.

In other news, we choose Laughter and Excellence as our words of the week, and talk about membership sites, plans for a very nice life, and camping in your own home (ahem, my own home in fact).

I have a brilliant idea about motivation (inspired by Duolingo) which I have a sense will help my clients, and Nicola has fallen back in love with the idea of her own online membership site, a much coveted business model.

We are split testing two sales letters for the Summit recordingsĀ and we have a couple more jobs to do in that regard yet, including reviewing the copy on the upsell page and creating a radio advert and other tweaks to drive traffic to the sales letters in sufficient numbers to give us some useful data.

I am impressed by Lewis Hamilton, Andy Murray and Heather Watson and Nicola is impressed by Xero online book-keepers Bean Ninjas, and Open Broadcaster which lets you do Facebook Live from your computer instead of your phone.

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