Podcast Ep 89: Tracking Results


tracking results

In episode 89 of Own It! the Podcast, Nicola and I debate the different systems we use for tracking results in our business and monitor progress in our goals and intentions.

Nicola recommends some free downloadable tools and books from EOS Worldwide which she is using, including a weekly meeting agenda, and I describe a brand new 5-point review system which I am trialling with my own accountability partner and pal, Marion Ryan. You can read more about that in today’s newsletter. Subscribe here.

  1. What’s worked well?
  2. Gratitudes
  3. Learnings
  4. What was important but not urgent?
  5. What’s missing?

Remember when it comes to tracking results, that what you measure improves or increases.

In other news we talk about Britain’s heatwave, working the garden, solutions if your broadband appears to be struggling due to app overload, life’s essentials, Facebook engagement, shares and likes, feeling useful to clients, feeling better about life, and leveraging our summit recordings for an August promotion in my SBBM coaching group. Our words of the week are Ritual (N) and Adapt (J).

Nicola’s on Day 8 of her own Facebook Live challenge and creating marketing content for her businesses which is also uploadable to YouTube, and I’m living on the sofabed and regretting the over-zealous clutter-clearing of my tin opened. You don’t now what you’ll miss ’till it’s gone! I’m creating new systems for finding my stuff in a series of boxes and bags and contemplating the purchases of a Swiss Army Knife, thanks to my male buddies on Facebook although that may be a bit backwoodsman for me, especially given that I am still in London!

We are impressed this week by Beelivery.com and Anne Lamott’s post (which I shared in last week’s newsletter) which achieved 62,000 likes, 45,000 shares and 3,000 comments. We can only dream!

Brandon from USA left us a 5-star review of our podcast. I like him ‘cos he’s a man of few words: “Find the right balance in your life with these great strategies and interesting conversations”.


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