Podcast Ep 90: Eliminate Delay

In today’s podcast ep 90, we focus on another of Thomas Leonard’s 28 Surefire Strategies for Personal and Business Success in #12 – Eliminate Delay.

Respond immediately to your every task or concern, take pride in doing it. Set up a system and make sure anyone who deals with you never experiences delay. Exert extra effort to learn quickly and immediately integrate whatever changes are necessary. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • When faced with a difficult decision, rather than trying to process the pros and cons, figure out how to reduce risk and consequences of both options instead.
  • Procrastination is a form of anger/resentment. Identify what you’re ticked about that is causing you to procrastinate.
  • When you base your life on your values, your decisions and actions come easily and delay becomes negligible.

And in other news we talk about Nicola’s children’s glam holiday in Ibiza and how it’s inspired them, N’s first visit to the grief counsellor, my return to green juicing and my ongoing love of and French progress with Duolingo, my keyboard challenges, the lovely hot weather in the UK and me managing to get my working hours down to 6 in July.

Quaintrelle 2Our words of the week are Segmentation and Quaintrelle.

Nicola’s done a surprising nosedive into the woo woo, watching Brian Cox on the BBC, Tony Robbins on Netflix, Vishen Lakhiani’s video about How To Be Unf***withable and his book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. And I’ve been quietly enjoying the photos on Facebook of my clients on holiday and having wonderful lives.

Nicola continues her adventures with Facebook Live, still aiming to achieve 30 days straight, and I ask for an update about the progress of the sales letters for the summit recordings. Live on air we take some decisions about what next – creating an opt-in page, targeting a personal development audience in search of inspiration, choosing one recording to give away as an illustration of the quality of the rest of the interviews and something called co-registration.

I’m impressed by a client bravely showing up for a coaching call when she really didn’t want to, and Nicola’s been impressed by John Penberthy’s Tube Traffic Mastery.

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