Podcast Ep 97: Getting the Right Advice in Business

At any stage of running your own business, how do you get the right advice and whose advice should you listen to? In today’s episode of the podcast, episode 097, we debate:

  1. Whose advice should you listen to?
  2. How do you find your gurus?
  3. What if several of your faves tell you completely different strategies? Which ones do you follow then?
  4. What if you see your gurus advising one thing and doing another?

boss-556119_640My view is that increasingly you might choose and will come to trust yourself, knowing that many of the answers are already inside of you and you don’t need to keep looking externally for them.

In other news, Nicola’s clearing all her stuff in preparation for the move to Stoupa and I am contemplating the double-edged sword that is virtual working where never needing to go out is both a pro and a con. We both believe our lives will open up with our impending travels and recognise how virtual working has contributed to our feeling the need for that. We debate this more fully too in next week’s episode. I am sure it will become a recurring theme as we continue to travel.

I tell the story of a new client who has helped me to remember that marketing is a long game, which I also wrote about in last week’s newsletter, The Long Game. And Nicola is exploring the opportunities presented by having and anticipating more leisure time.

In words of the week, Nicola chooses Sparse, to reflect the state of her home, and I bring Fantastic for a very similar reason.

Nicola is tweaking her online diary to reflect Greek-friendly times for both her and her clients in anticipation of the Big Move in October, and also she’s experimenting with Trip Wires where you offer your website visitor, after they have opted-in at your lead magnet, the opportunity to spend a small amount of money and become a paying customer at say $9.99.

I am relieved to have received the last piece of paper I needs to sell my flat – after FIVE MONTHS – and I vow never again to buy a leasehold property where you control so little.

I am impressed by Ady at London’s Heathrow and the air traffic controllers at NATS as seen on the BBC’s Skies Above Britain, and also by Lisa Warner who is producing the first ever Facebook Live that I can bear to watch without squirming. Lisa and husband Glenn are doing the same thing as we are, but they are ahead in that they sold their home and all its contents much earlier this year. Will they go abroad? Will they buy a boat? What’s next for the Warners? Watch Lisa live at her Fink Cards FB Page. 

Nicola is impressed by daughter Phoebe’s oldest friend Keturah who is travelling in Australia, Bali and India and feeling homesick to miss out on her first contemporary to be getting engaged to be married and not being able to go to the party. Nicola’s view is that Keturah is brave and forming her personality and doing what all her friends would secretly love to be doing too, if not now then later in life.


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