Podcast Ep 99: Is It Useful to Know Your Why?




In this week’s episode, number 99, of Own It the Podcast, Nicola and I debate Simon Sinek’s Start With Why. Is that a useful question to be asking yourself about your business?

For me it hasn’t been, for Nicola it has. Having touched on this topic last week too, we segue quickly into whether or not knowing your who, as in your target market or ideal client, would be a more useful question to be asking, or at least an equally important one.

Frequently I find myself of the opinion that just more personal development stuff is confusing, no matter how excellent the quality, and Simon Sinek certainly knows his stuff and is highly regarded as an author and a speaker and an expert and his TED talk is one of the most viewed of all time. I suspect many will disagree. So be it.

One of our speakers at our virtual summit earlier the year put forward the view that knowing your why isn’t useful for all businesses and I think that’s definitely true. What sort of businesses do you buy from where it is useful to know their why, and which not? Marks and Spencer? Amazon? Ocado? Lidl? Pret? Kwik-Fit? Your local organic farm or indy cafe? Some of those I care about and some I couldn’t care less about their why!

At what point does this disintegrate into just more management speak, and how useful is that to my clients, work-at-home solopreneurs?

Nicola’s view is that when the going gets gets tough in business, it may be helpful to re-connect with your why and I think she has a point there. And I feel I must know my why subliminally even if it isn’t top of mind. Perhaps mine is to earn a living in a way which is enjoyable for me and helpful for my clients.

What’s your why? Who’s your ideal client?

In other news, our words of the week are Expedient and Document. I’m upbeat, positive and excited about a flurry of legal goings-on in my inbox. I was inspired by Margaret, visiting client from Colorado, USA, who came to play Cashflow with me in London last Friday as a member of Small Business Big Magic.

We’ve created a small amount of income from a sale of the recordings of our virtual summit and we debate how we will reinvest it to make more. Nicola’s impressed by anyone who cranks out content consistently (nice alliteration there) and me by a wonderful interaction I’ve had on Facebook with Daphne, about which I’ve written my newsletter last week so you’ve probably read that story already.

Nicola’s had a wonderful new client manifest courtesy of the podcast, and we’re both very focussed on clutter-clearing and getting our hands on the essentials we think we will need for our impending European adventures.

If you check out the show notes for episode 99 at our podcast website, you will see the long list of books and resources that Nicola recommends in this week’s episode.


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