I’m a Podcaster! Have You Heard?

Own ItI’m a podcaster! Have you heard? [Geddit??]

One of the most exciting things I manifested in December was the invitation to co-present a podcast with my old pal Nicola Cairncross. Our podcast is called Own It! Your Business and Your Life and it’s live and kicking already and attracting listens and downloads and comments.

We have submitted it to iTunes which means you’ll be able to subscribe imminently to have it delivered weekly and seamlessly to a gadget near you.

Our first five episodes are:

  1. Clutter: Episode 1 of Own It
  2. Bums on Seats: Episode 2 of Own It
  3. Joining the Dots: Episode 3 of Own It
  4. How to Price Yourself or Your Product: Episode 4 of Own It
  5. Obstacles and Luck: Episode 5 of Own It

Do please Like our Facebook Page and opt in at our website to hear when we are live on iTunes. At our website you can also leave us a challenge for us to answer in a future episode of the podcast. We love your feedback, comments and questions.

Quite of lot of you, my lovely current and past clients, feature (reasonably anonymously) on the podcast as I tell Nicola about how wonderful you all are and how you have challenged and inspired and informed me in 2014 with your successes and your commitment and your diligence. This is my gift to you, with love. Here’s to much more of your success in 2015.


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