Podcasting from Scratch: Rhys Morgan – Podcast Ep 206

Rhys Morgan (no relation) is our guest today on Own It! the Podcast and he talks about podcasting from scratch with his own show which is called Social Good.

Rhys is an interesting man; he’s a former vicar, a recovering alcoholic with five years sober and his day job is in a treatment centre.

He waxes lyrical about a love of radio from a young boy and talks about how he noticed that both his father and his son shared a love of podcasts which tipped him to the fact that there was something to this, even across three generations.

Social Good is Rhys’ first podcast, but he shares with us his plans for his next one which will be a British resource for those recovering from addiction and will provide inspiration from those who have done precisely that. We share with Rhys our favourite quotes about addiction and recovery and he with us.

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In other news, our words of the week are Cocooning (Nicola) and Hard (me). November’s been hard for me and many I know.

I’mn midway through a bit of a misunderstanding with Amazon’s CreateSpace and Nicola is feeling restless, even so far as to be contemplating a Real Life JOB!

Our fires have been fuelled by (me) rediscovering a schoolgirl love of poetry just by chance during my handwriting challenge which I am now 12 days into and guess what? It’s only working. This reminds me of the value of small daily incremental changes, how quickly they add up and, in this example, lead to a flash of genius which reshapes the whole project in an uplifting way whilst still achieving the original goal, more likely to in fact as now I have a “towards” reason for keeping up my daily ritual.

Nicola’s daily one minute videos are going great guns and giving her cause to scratch her head too in that stats are up on both LinkedIn and Twitter but not yet on Facebook. We both wonder aloud what that could mean. An answer comes forth but I am not yet convinced it is the right one. Time will tell.

Nicola tells us about her Black Friday purchase, a course created by Andre Chaperon which is about identifying your ideal client and creating a product specifically for them. She shares her homework for the course which is a couple of resources from Seth Godin including his latest book This Is Marketing, so good that Chris Barrow’s read it twice!

This week it is Nicola’s turn to be impressed by The Kominsky Method on Netflix, which I introduced her to last week. Specifically, she was impressed by the lack of canned laughter. I tell her I cannot remember the last time I watched a show with canned laughter. Do they even make them anymore?

I am impressed by Rhys. End of.

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