The Power of Words

block-1549670_640I used to think my favourite thing in the whole wide world was the written word. Certainly it is right up there. I love to write, this is my fourth blog post written on the trot today, for instance. And they just rolled off my virtual pen.

What I love about writing is being fully heard. People read what I write and they know what I’m thinking. In my family we don’t do that. We are talkers. We talk, we don’t listen. And we interrupt. Certainly I still have that disease, the one of interrupting, and I am training myself out of it. It’s usually when I get over-excited by what you are telling me!

I wonder if this desire to be heard led me to a career in coaching where my job is to give you a hearing too? And while I am wondering that I realise that something has become even more important to me than the written word, and I never thought I would say that.

It’s the spoken word.

The spoken word as in podcasting.

And the spoken word as in having a conversation with you about your business and your life, your challenges and opportunities. I need to listen to you, to ask you questions, to have you explain the situation to me, to understand and for us to work out together a solution for you and for where you’ll go next.

Even better than that, and how it so often works, is that just because we’ve talked about it, explored it, focused on it and brainstormed it, something magical manifests.

Last week I discussed pricing with a client who was on the brink of offering her first packages to the world and the very first thing that happened the next morning was that she got her first paying client at the full price. We didn’t even have to offer discounts or incentives. We weren’t even quite ready!

Then I talked to another woman who was a little disappointed what she was doing didn’t seem to be working, and the very next day two of the things she said she wanted – paying clients and people opting-in to her list – they just showed up. Wow!

Another of my clients is so magical at this that even as we are talking it often drops into her inbox.

What is this miraculous thing with the spoken word?

I am not sure it is the speaking per se, or the conversation. It’s more the value of two heads being better than one. We are amplifying the energy of what my client wants. We are cosmically ordering, it’s like offering up a little prayer. It often leads to one of the regular “you’ll never guess what” moments or emails. I love those. I get terribly excited by those.

Energy. I think its energy. And it only works for those who love to talk, to listen, to explore with words and to be in conversation. And it works especially well for those who get clear with their mouths open, to hear their own pearls of wisdom drop from their own mouths. I note the power of the words they use, and feed that back to them using their own language.

Often I get quite a strong sense of what words they have used as being important or significant in some way, and then we are back to being fully¬†heard again, this time that’s my client who’s getting the damned good listening to.

The written word. The spoken word. The power of words.

Never underestimate the power of words. Or the silences in between. That’s when I’m listening to you, really listening, and not just with my ears.

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