A Powerful Conversation with Life Creativist Cristina

CristinaCristina wrote this to me after our coaching session this week. I felt compelled to share it and I wrote to ask if this would be OK by her. In her reply she said: “Go for it! I am happy to fully play out. By the way, the way I wrote to you is what Rich has been modelling for us. We are not allow to write on our Facebook group without sharing our real insights. I see how it has changed the way I feedback my own insights. Much love! Cristina” What a woman she is; colourful, beautiful, vibrant, energetic, creative and bold. She is loving and funny and I am always telling her how much I love her life. Cristina is from Chile but she lives in Rumania (and Bulgaria and France) and in the few short months I have known her she’s been to LA, the UK and Istanbul and she’s walked the Lycian Way. Follow her colourful and creative life and see the beautiful images she creates at LifeCreativist.com and, while you are there, why not book a Powerful Conversation with Cristina?

“Dear Judith I just want to tell you that I felt very good after the last couple of sessions, specially the last one where I felt stuck with this client issue. I really appreciated and value your mentorship on this and it is very empowering. What it made me realise is that if I empower myself as a coach I can empower others. I had a very powerful conversation with a Rumanian coach who I just met a couple of months ago. She was curious about the way I work and she wanted to try the Powerful Conversation, so we did. And I even felt the power of it. What I got out this conversation with her was related to our conversation that we, as coaches, pure coaches, are there to serve and show up. In fact we started with one topic, a very practical one about setting up her coaching business, and something more powerful than that popped up in the conversation which felt as if it was the real issue behind all her fears about not making enough money as a coach. It felt like they were two unrelated issues, but somehow they also did relate to each other. After the session she felt ready to make the big leap and do something about an event that has had her stuck for a while. She had tears through the session and, believe me, I was not even thinking about asking questions which would produce that, but they did when I used my “strong” intuition. Also what I realised after our conversation is that indeed I have been focusing a lot on results, neglecting to appreciate the process and small advances my clients are making which are much more insightful than any other action. The game I bought is becoming a total success! Yesterday I want to a social networking fun meeting with The HUB, I think I mentioned to you them at some point? I did the game for fun with people around the table and people were coming over and over and afterwards I had many who asked “So, what do you do?” I got four people engaged for a coaching game and/or a powerful conversation! I am so happy with this investment. That’s it for now. I am sending you a photo which I have not published yet, so you get a sneak preview. Much love to you, Cristina”  

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