A Handful of Happiness and Pride

PrideA sunny Sunday and up early reading the Time Out film reviews to see if anything would tempt us to the movies. Yes! We would go and see Pride at the Brixton Ritzy, where we even managed to snaffle a couple of free tickets thanks to my best pal’s annual patronage of Picturehouse Cinemas and especially their new movie theatre, coming soon to East Dulwich. We were served by a delightful girl behind the counter who advised she had seen the film yesterday and she promised much laughter and tears. She said we would love it and she wasn’t wrong.

Although I am a Morgan, there’s not much very Welsh about me except somewhere deep down in my DNA. It doesn’t take much to bring it out. A colliery band will do it every time. And their self-deprecating humour. A rousing a cappella chorus of Bread & Roses. Well, truth be told, any Welsh singing. I nearly dissolved into a puddle of tears in Pride at that point. Think of me when you get to that bit, because if you love movies, you will see that film.

Picturehouse does cinema well, and we followed it up with a burger by Byron and an ice-cream cone from Oddono’s, both best of breed. A couple of bouts of laundry and an afternoon in the garden in the sunshine and all is well and happy in my world.

I am happy is one of my current daily affirmations and this morning I awoke determined to make that so today with a movie and a few laughs with my cinema-going friend.

What makes you happy? These things can be quite simple, even free like our film.

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  1. Allison says:

    Ah yes laundry, my favourite! I spent many years sitting at a Corporate desk, looking out at the sunny, windy days, thinking about my full laundry basket.

    Now I have the flexibility to take advantage of any good drying day and ‘get a load on’. It makes me happy every time.

    Another thing that makes me happy is our local, old fashioned, full of character, cinema. Heavily subsidized, it costs £2.50 and you don’t even have to be a pensioner!

    I might stroll (yes it’s withing walking distance!) along there tonight to see The Hundred Foot Journey.