Property Mentoring & Intelligence Swap – A Profitable Day Out

Leather Bottle I had a brilliant idea during the last quarter of last year – to put together a Property Boardroom of clients, colleagues and friends who are largely full-time (lonely) property investors.   I have coached, mentored or taught most of these people and the brilliant thing is I learn as much from them as they do from me these days, probably more, since they are all professional property investors and I am more of a businesswoman.

Today we had one of our meetings, we do it about every six weeks.   We were eleven – Darren, Christian, Ben, Rob, Peter, Julien, Colin, Carol, Ian, Julia & me.   I’m the least property-orientated, although I do intend that the property sector of my 2009 goals will be my biggest financial success. So it was good to be in the company of ten others who take it seriously including a lawyer and a mortgage broker, two accountants and more – so much expertise to draw upon,  even though none of them has a day job anymore.

We talked BMV, R2O, HMOs, green shoots, falling interest rates, increasing rental profits, re-structing deals to make money out of thin air, no deals around, no mortgages around, Passive, how to legally structure a property deal with no money down and avoid mortgage fraud and all sorts of entrepreneurial ideas about how to make money in new-build property in the UK and off-plan overseas.   Everyone learned from each other.   Bring and buy.

We had a nice civilised lunch and a few of us were loath to leave the pub when it ended at 5 p.m.   We are going to find a new location next time which may be easier than Earlsfield for two of our team who come from Manchester and Cardiff and necessarily have to set out at sparrow’s fart, although the Leather Bottle looked after us very well and – at £15 a head – it was a credit crunch winner.

When I got home from a dinner afterwards with a client (a long day today and again tomorrow), I found this lovely email waiting for me from one of our team today – and the weird thing is, I had just got in and sat down at my computer intending to send a message saying approximately the same thing to my correspondent!   Gentle Reader, its very important to do things like this – appreciate people for apparently simple day-to-day stuff which is so easy to take for granted.   Tell someone today how much you appreciate them and you will be glad you did.   Go on, make someone’s day…this made mine:

“It was good to see you today and I was thinking on the way home how much I enjoy spending time with you.   Over the last couple of months, we seem to be catching up more often and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the wheeler dealer in me is coming more to the fore – e.g. combining BMV, rent to own and Cartel in the same property deal.   I know it’s not my most eloquent email, but I realized that I wanted to say how much I appreciate you and your company.”

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