Property, Prizes and Pink Raffle Tickets – all for The Big Issue

Fees 2 ist2_2031882-british-buiding Clients ask me all the time “what makes a good property investment and do you think this one will be OK”?   The short answer is usually “I don’t know”…no-one knows in advance whether any investment’s projections will come true or not, only hindsight will tell.   You can do your own due diligence, you can meet others who have done it and ask them why, you can quiz them till their brains hurt but in the end you just have to make a decision – are you in or out?   All I can tell you is that I was a woman who lost out big time in the last recession and that I am buying property now.   And I am investing in lots of different sorts to spread my “risk” across the UK, the Caribbean and the world’s property hotspots.

Yes, you know I am as rash an entrepreneur as they come, very top line, positively relishing risk but I am learning from observing the way our property clients invest.   I have two clients who invest in completely different ways. One looks at the spreadsheet and only buys if it meets her very strict criteria.   One assesses the investment and uses her emotional barometer to invest.   Both achieve excellent results!   I think I am somewhere in between these two ladies.   I like to scope out great investments for our Money Gym clients.   I like a wide variety because we are all in different financial places and have more or less money and time to get started.

The wide variety of Experts I have on offer for you at our Property Extravaganza on Saturday 21st March includes:

• Someone buying for you in Manchester for very small sums – £5,000 for one or £11500 if you want to bulk buy in handfuls of five!
• Someone who will hold your hand while you learn to do it yourself so you don’t have to pay a fee next time unless you prefer to
• Someone who will show you that BMV still works – you buy better so you still put in relatively small deposits.
• Someone who will show you how to double your capital PLUS create an income within 2-6 years in the Caribbean and how that can be 100% funded
• Someone who will teach you how to use the money in your dull old pension and make investments with it via a SIPP and that this works for all our commercial property investments
• Someone who will show you how to buy houses for only £1
• And someone who will show you how to build a Unique global property portfolio where your initial capital investment is GUARANTEED.

I have 200 seats at the venue, the fabulous Cavendish Conference Centre where we were for our Brett McFall event last September.   I thought I had 250 seats but the capacity turns out to be only 232 and I will need those 32 for my Money Gym team, the back of the room gang, the facilitators and mike runners and the speakers and their entourages so that’s only 200 seats available and I have sold 26 at the time of writing to the early adopters and to some new names I’ve not heard of before but I am looking forward to meeting on the day.   If we sell out all 200 tickets, we will be able to donate £4347.82 to The Big Issue who are coming along on the day to collect a cheque.   At the time of writing, that cheque would be for £565.21 – better than nothing but not quite what I had in mind.   Will you help me to help the homeless please?

And I am having the most extraordinary luck in persuading each speaker to give me some prizes I can raffle on the day – so far this stash includes a holiday in one of the Unique properties, tickets for Harlequin’s box at Wembley so you can watch sport or music live, Rick Otton’s Cashflow Investor pack work £1997, a year’s property mentoring with me, a day out and lunch with my Property Boardroom, priceless mentoring sessions with each of our speakers, books and various other goodies.   I’ve even got Martin Roberts off the telly!

Steve and I are working on this project and we are rather beside ourselves with excitement about it.   I bought a book of pink raffle tickets today for £1.49 and it made me almost deliriously happy.   My hallway is filling up with booty – books and chocolate money and million pound notes.

We do hope you will support the Money Gym fundraiser in aid of The Big Issue and book out 21st March in your diary and come along and learn something new, meet the Property Experts who recommend you buy in 2009 using one of their cunning schemes and help us to raise in excess of four thousand pounds for the homeless.


I’m so looking forward to seeing you there and sharing my new property secrets.

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