Pay What You Want

white sails and blue skiesWhen my own financial ship comes sailing into port, I plan to turn my entire business model over to PWYW – Pay What You Want.

This is a movement which is growing in popularity worldwide and it means everyone can afford to work with me as their coach/mentor whatever their current financial circumstances. It also means that those doing well can decide what our work together is worth to them and reward me accordingly.

Here’s how it works.

1. Like my Facebook Page:

2. Book yourself into my online diary, choosing one of the Abundance/PWYW slots:

3. Scroll down the right-hand side bar here on my website until you see the PayPal Donate button. That’s where to go either before, during or after our call to make your PWYW donation.

Here are some ways you might choose to use the time:

  • As a sounding board for you
  • For a brainstorm
  • Exploring new possibilities
  • To be fully heard and appreciated
  • You could pick my brains or ask for my advice if you are at a crossroads
  • Take a breather in your life
  • Get some time to think and some perspective
  • Use me as your secret weapon, your ally
  • To get unstuck
  • Insert your own here, whatever you like, honestly – it’ll be fun – it’s even great when you think you don’t know what you want to talk about, we can explore

Some clients who do not yet fully appreciate the Pay What You Want model have told me it is stressful trying to work out the price to pay me. This might help…in the past I have received donations between £30 and £250. I expect those figures to go both lower and higher in this experiment. It’s entirely up to you, you cannot insult me. You can surprise and delight me.