Q & A About Affirmations, Debt, Abundant Vibes, Blessings and Deserving

What positive affirmations have the most impact on beliefs?

The ones you practise everyday and specifically the ones you believe in, the ones which feel “real” to you. If you find yourself saying “yeah, right” then it isn’t going to work so easily as the ones you can align yourself. Work up to the “harder” ones in due course.

I like Sandy Forster’s Wildly Wealthy Fast affirmations and her book of the same name. You can listen to them at this link and that page links to another where I have typed them up for you if you prefer to read them aloud. They take about 22 minutes to listen to complete the set and I’d recommend doing them daily for at least six weeks and when you find them working, don’t stop! If you want to make your own, feel free. Or borrow some from Sandy’s list of 134. Pay particular attention to the ones which begin I AM…because to say I AM is to invoke the God part of yourself, that divine spark within which creates your abundance and everything else in your world.

How can I get out of the cycle of working in jobs I hate  in order to pay off debt and  acquire more in the process?

Forget the acquiring more for a moment. Let’s focus first on getting you out of debt and/or getting you out of jobs you hate. For instance, you COULD decide you love these jobs because they are getting you out of debt once and for all and you’ll never have to do them again. You could accelerate your way out of debt following Mary Hunt’s advice or T. Harv Eker’s. You might adopt a budget designed to stop buying and acquiring more so that you just focus on debt freedom. Or you chip away at the debt and set it on auto pilot and have fun with the rest of the money you earn, grateful you have a job at all.

Or you can look for a job which you love which would allow you to chip away at your debts albeit at a slower rate. This sounds like a choice to me. I hate my job? Find another one! The only job I can find which allows me to pay my debts off too is one I hate. Ah, in that case how quickly can you be out of debt and then change your job? Are you really sure you have explored all your debt solutions? Your life is more important than a job you hate. That’s going to keep you in scarcity and negativity isn’t it? Unless you decide otherwise and make the job you hate a means to an end forever.

I feel abundant and others receive my vibe, Whereabouts is the inner switch?

I don’t know. Your switch is probably in a different place to mine. Seriously though, is there a switch at all? If you feel abundant and others feel your vibe, you are doing a lot right. What’s the problem? Try to think of it as a zone or a vibe instead of a switch. How do you know when you are in it? What gets you in it? Do more of that. Ask your friends what they observe you doing and saying and being and thinking and do more of it. It’s an inner job, one of self-discovery and knowing yourself.

Much of what we do, especially stuff we are good at, we do without knowing how we do it, on auto pilot. But if you watch yourself and ask your friends who feel that vibe to describe what they see and note what you feel when you are doing it, then something will emerge. You will come to know your own process. Think of it like an experiment, prove what works and what doesn’t. Then you can make a choice of operating system.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where’s my inner switch? (Likely answer based in your question – I don’t know).
  • If you did know, where would it be?
Think long and hard about that second one, close your eyes and go inside your body. An answer will come, keep asking until it does. Then mentally switch it on and keep it in the on position!


While I fully appreciate the blessings I have, why do I find it so difficult to find a source of hard cash?

Because at some level of your psyche, you believe that to be hard. Change your mind. Have that be easy. Start to ask yourself simple questions throughout the day – on getting up, on meditating, at the bustop and – most importantly – just before you go to sleep “How can it be easy for me to manifest a source of cash?” Let’s leave the hard word out of the equation. You are letting go of that belief now…!

How to change one’s mindset? 

Make a decision to change your mind to what you prefer to be focussing on. Follow through. Keep yourself in check. Your mind is not controlled by aliens. All those thoughts are your own. Pick the good ones.

How do I get more positive about it?

About what? Abundance? Same answer – decide to become positive and follow through. All of this is within your power. Do things and think thoughts which make you feel great and upbeat. Physical exercise is great for that, even a brisk walk will make you feel more positive about everything.

I am really enjoying Dr Wayne Dyer’s book called Wishes Fulfilled and the meditation CD with accompanies it. I really feel it’s made a big difference to keeping me in the vibe I want to occupy during all of my waking hours and sleeping ones too.

How to stay focused?

Want it enough. Re-shape your definition of Abundance so that it is compelling to you personally and vow to do the work to stay on track. Go after it just the way you go after anything you want, with Olympian discipline. Otherwise you are giving up, giving in and deciding to fail. Self-sabotage.

I find it is easy to stay focused on the things I want, much less so on the “shoulds” . Ask yourself if you want the things you are going after enough. Re-write your list of desires constantly to keep up with the changing wants in your life. Pursue your dreams. Everyone knows what they really, really want but sometimes we don’t like to say it out loud – or even to ourselves – because at some level we feel we are being unreasonable in our desires or we suspect they might not be possible or be perceived as ridiculous. Who cares! Everything is possible and your desires and dreams are yours and yours alone to go after and achieve and luxuriate in.

How do I overcome the feeling that I don’t deserve abundance?

Oh, bless you! We all deserve abundance. There is no-one undeserving. Identify and release whatever limiting belief you picked up along the way in your life and give it back to the person, people or circumstances who put it there. Know now it isn’t true. Change your mind. The choice to do that is entirely yours.

You deserve abundance. You deserve abundance. You deserve abundance. There is no-one undeserving.

Affirm daily “I deserve abundance. I am abundance” until one day you wake up and you realise that is your new belief, your new truth, the new you. And please drop me an email when that day comes, as come it must if you do the personal development work to make it so.   Pick a new empowering belief and make it true for you. The old one certainly is not true.

How do I change my mind?

Decide to do it. Then do it. It’s your mind. Think back to something you thought was a bad idea and then remember how you changed your mind. Rinse and repeat. Here’s an example. For seven years London decided the Olympics were a bad idea for us. The minute the torch started to run round the country and the opening ceremony got under way, the nation changed its mind in an instant as if we were one mind (which we are, of course, too). We made another choice. It really is that simple. Your mind is yours to control. You think those thoughts in there. Say nice things to yourself.

I am grateful to Sue Okell and her clients at LifeChangeSecrets.com for sending me these questions to answer.

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