Q16: Why Would Anyone Want to Buy My Stuff?

“Nobody will want to buy my artwork when there is so much choice out there.”

Ooh, I’ve got another client talking to me along these same lines right now.

My favourite stat in answer to this question, you’ll remember, is that there are about 7.5 billion people in the world. That’s a lot. And as a coach, I only need about 100 of those a year to make a cracking living in My Biz My Way.

Yes, there’s a lot of art in the world, but there are a lot of business coaches too. And this is an entirely good thing, because between us we have to serve 7.5 billion people and we sure can’t do that single-handedly, nor do we want to.

People love choice. They want all of the colours in all of the sizes to quote that wonderful old BT advert starring Maureen Lipman and Richard Wilson, remember?

Some of the 7.5bn people will be drawn to your artwork and some not, just as some are drawn to me as their business coach and some not.

Some will. Some won’t. So what?

Don’t take it personally. It isn’t personal, though I know it often feels quite painful or has that propensity. We all toughen up in the end. Don’t take too long over that. Adopt an approach of abundance. Wonderful if they do, wonderful if they don’t. And, of course, just because they don’t today, doesn’t mean they won’t double back later. Once seen, never forgotten. Or at least never forgotten by your ideal clients and customers.

If you look back over the people who have loved (and preferably bought) your artwork, what did they love about it even if you’ve only ever had one sale? If that person or those people told you what they loved about your arty stuff, there’s your proof that your buyers do exist. There is perhaps a clue to what “they” call your ideal customer (a concept I don’t wholly buy into, by the way, but we’ll talk more about that anon).

Your first few sales prove the concept. You can create something that others want to buy.

After that, your job is to create as much and as freely and as beautifully as you want, and to get it out into the world.

People who love arty stuff buy arty stuff. But they can’t buy your arty stuff unless they know about it.

So the plan is:

1. Create art
2. Show the buyers of the world what you’ve got
3. Create desire for your arty stuff
4. Allow fans to buy


Real collectors who love art love choice. They have stuff by all sorts of different artists covering every inch of their walls. That would do my head in. I’d rather have just one significant piece I loved every day. But I am not normal in this regard (nor many others either!).

But I’ve bought pictures to put on my walls and other arty stuff like pots because I came across them, I loved them, and I put my hand in my pocket. It never occurred to me to shop around and search the world in case there was something out there that was better or even more to my taste though no doubt that is some people’s operating system. We are not all the same, remember. I bought on impulse, because I liked it, because I was feeling like a little retail therapy that day. That are gazillions of reasons why people buy. Let’s just leave that bit to them, it’s not our job. Creating is our job.

Collectors would, if necessary, sell or archive one piece of artwork in order to put another on display if they even think thoughts about liking one “better”.

Choice is good. And I know that you know that when you allow this thought in your question, you are sliding into scarcity and thoughts of competition. There is no competition for what you do because you are unique, as am I. You are possibly also hiding, and using this for a cover as to why you are not making your artwork more visible and more available. You could be “blaming” choice.

Make art. Show art. Sell art. Create and fully enjoy Your Arty Biz Your Way.


  • In what ways do you appreciate choice in your life, and as a buyer of anything?
  • How does that help you now to better understand those who will buy from you?

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