Q27: Why Is It Taking Me So Long to Get My Website LIVE?

This is one of those questions I wanted to answer with “I have no earthly idea!” Only I do.

Provided you decide to go with a self-hosted WordPress website, and with other solutions for all I know, every single word on your website can be changed in a heartbeat.

So, don’t get hung up on your website.

Many people don’t visit them or even bother to read them anymore anyway.

Even those that do visit do not chronologically read every word in the order you intend.

Keep the copy on your website very short, above the fold, don’t make us scroll, the 2017 visitor doesn’t have an attention span, they’ll click away faster than you can possibly imagine. Do not dwell on finding the perfect word. Go live as soon as possible and let’s crack on, knowing you can change every word in a nanosecond if you want. And every day if it comes to that, and more often still though I don’t recommend it. Then you’d be finding busy work for yourself.

No-one appreciates a perfect website, not a potential buying customer anyway.

You don’t even need a website to get a client. So stop fussing!

The number of clients coming to me who have never even visited my website increases daily. They come to me directly from Facebook itself which is just the entire world in one easy accessible mostly free marketplace. Much easier to go to them there perhaps, than get them to come to you which is a complex, expensive and time-consuming process anyway and possibly one which is about to be superseded.

If I were starting again today to market myself I wouldn’t bother with a website. I’d have a Facebook Business Page hooked up to my MailChimp list server. And all the thousands of pounds I’ve put into websites could go into Facebook Ads instead.

My website is long overdue an overhaul. There are several reasons for this. Of the two people I might have chosen to work with on this, one died and the other got out of doing websites, and who can blame her?

But even though I am aware the current iteration is due an overhaul, recently a new paying client said to me:

“If you don’t mind me saying, what set you apart and attracted me was that your site wasn’t really corporate and I could feel a real person behind it.”



I could have kissed him!

But you get the point, don’t you? This is all SO subjective. One woman’s overdue overhaul is another man’s perfection. Well, not perfection exactly or even close, but good enough for him to want to consider becoming a client, opt into my newsletter list, listen to our podcast, sign up for an exploratory call, decide to start working with me and send me some money online pronto.

Good enough. Good enough. Good enough, that’s all a website (or anything in small business) needs to be. Perfection is for the birds. Expensive birds with fat wallets. Know any of those gagging to work with you? No, me neither.

Only you can work out what you want to be found for and known for via your website. The antidote to corporate is absolutely me so my website is doing that job for me rather well it seems, which is just peachy.

The overhaul can wait. It’s ego anyway.

Don’t get hung up on this. Start making money today, via Facebook like me, or any route. You could just ask someone at the bus stop to become your client, and you wouldn’t be the first! Let’s discuss those other routes too. And if you really feel you still need a website, you can bring that on at the same time, as well as not instead of. You don’t need all your ducks in a row before you can start to tell the world who you are, what you do and how you can help. Or before you start to ask for the business. You just feel like you do.

Feelings, again. Those little devils.


  • Are you fussing about your website?
  • Why?
  • What are you really putting off?
  • What (or who) are you hiding from?
  • Where could you more effectively put your time and effort and money?
  • How can you make your first sale before your website even goes online?

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