Q31: How Do I Ask for the Business?

When clients tell me it’s not working and they are in financial extremis I often say “have you asked for the business?”

This means that we should stop being so subtle with our marketing now and again and ask for what we want.

On social media, that means not just sharing great content but reminding the consumers of said content why we are doing that. And asking for what we want.

What you want might be for people to share your great content. I find that if you ask them to do that, they will. Don’t be frightened or forget to ask them to do that. PLS SHARE. Or PLS RT.

But every now and again, depending on how much and what type of content you are putting out as part of your marketing, you must remind consumers that you are not doing this for the good of your health.

I blog, and write a weekly newsletter and co-create a weekly podcast, and spend about 50% of my working week creating and sharing great content, and curating the content of others which is on point for my fans and followers, clients and potential clients, and whilst I love to do that, I don’t do it for the craic. I do it so that some of the consumers will eventually become clients, or at least that they will know about me and recommend me to others when those people are looking for a business coach.

And I am unapologetic about this. And you will learn to be completely comfortable with this too.

So at the end of the podcast and in the newsletters and blog posts and on social media, I remind people where they can find out more about working with me. If I forget to do that, am I wasting my time with my marketing? Yes, probably. Even though I am having a lovely time.

If you have a newsletter list, one of the ways of asking for the business is to write to your readers that you are making them an offer right now. And it may be a bargain, or not. And it may be time sensitive, or not. It doesn’t have to be either of those things. But it has to be useful and it has to be what they want and it has to meet your own needs too. If you don’t have a newsletter list yet, you can do some gorgeous adverts (paid or unpaid) on Facebook using pretty memes and tempting copy.

No-one will buy anything from you if you don’t make them an offer, if you don’t ask for the business.

It is usually the one bit we have overlooked. We’ve been too subtle in the marketing, or we haven’t reminded them what we are selling, or we haven’t tempted them with something lovely to buy this week or month.

People love to buy. There’s no shame in offering them your stuff. They can’t buy it if they don’t know about it and, just like a plate of tempting homemade biscuits, who can resist one if offered elegantly and without any attachment to whether or not someone takes you up on your offer? Great if they do, great if they don’t, no scarcity round these parts.

By the way, whilst writing, who do you know who would love this book? Would you tell them about it, please? Or send them a copy as a prezzie? Thank you.


  • Have you been too subtle?
  • Have you made your potential clients an offer?
  • How will you experiment with asking for the business and being just a little bit more cheeky?

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