Q34: Is It OK to Talk Openly About My Spirituality?

“People will think I’m a whack job!”

For the longest time, I was a bit too circumspect about this, fearing the whack job diagnosis myself. And I know some of my friends and family and colleagues and clients do not agree with a lot of my own spiritual and esoteric beliefs. If anything, that just serves to strengthen them. I know what’s true for me. Also, my beliefs are visceral or as my friend, Susie-From-Manchester would say “I just knowed it, Miss.” Other people spouting on about theirs, where we are not in agreement, just makes mine strengthen. It’s like mental and spiritual muscle toning by resistance training, in effect. Does that even make sense? I don’t speak gym.

I have also become – shock, horror! – what only a couple of years ago I myself would have called a conspiracy theorist.

As you know, I call it woo -oo. I shouldn’t really. It’s somewhat derogatory, but it’s a name I adopted when I was sitting in uncertainty about how much and how many of my beliefs I would share with the wider world, and how far I should go with outing myself. Woo woo was shorthand, if you will. It gave me a name to call it, taking it lightly.

With my clients, I usually find out early on whether or not they too are woo woo. If they are, no problem, we are on the same page and many of them, men and women, have picked me precisely for that reason. If you follow that logic, the more out I am about it, the more successful I become. Like attracts like. Memorably, one of my clients found me by Googling “I AM ABUNDANCE” and discovering me on the front page.

With my pals who don’t share my beliefs I am perhaps more circumspect, but these are often brilliant brainy academics or scientists who went to the UK’s finest universities and they don’t believe in the esoteric and are mainly too polite to tell me that, or we simply don’t discuss it; it’s easier that way.

But people constantly surprise me. A new client will, for instance, use the word “energy” in our first call and that tips me the wink about his beliefs and then I can open up with mine too. Those who don’t, I offer them what I believe and slowly they laughingly and lovingly adopt one or two concepts for themselves too. Even my most sceptical friend was amazed to discover she could magic up a black cab in the dark and rainy London night, something she used to believe was impossible, or a convenient parking space in pole position, at will. But we woo woos know those are both too easy, right? Woo-woo 101.

I watch other spiritual people I love and follow like, say, Martha Beck and Wayne Dyer, talking openly about their spiritual beliefs and I notice the rise and rise (and rise) of how many people are interested in exploring all the New Agey content we believe in and love. I suspect from your use of the word spiritual you are perhaps taking this a tad – and a step – more seriously even than me.

I think it must have been very satisfying to have been Louise Hay who brought us all of this stuff through her publishing empire and asked us to take much of it on trust initially. We gravitated towards it because it spoke to us, not because we were brainwashed. Today, Hay House put on their stages people who have been teaching us stuff for decades and which scientists are now beginning to prove.

Some people need that scientific proof and, strangely, it is now catching up with woo woo. Where on earth have they been and what took them so long?!

Clearly, most people are still suspicious and remain sceptics. I couldn’t give a hoot really. I believe what I believe and I know what’s true in my own life and I’ve done my own experiments and I know what works for me from some quite mild stuff which you could put down to coincidence, to some really whacky stuff about healing my relationship with my parents after their deaths. And other bereaved souls have shared their similar experiences too, so I know I am not alone. Not that that would bother me either.

I don’t really care what people think, I guess that’s what it boils down to. We are all somewhere along this scale from zero to 100% and we are mostly happy with our place on that scale otherwise we’d move. Some have open minds. Some respect your choices though wouldn’t adopt them necessarily as their own. And that’s fine. Those of my clients who take up that space nevertheless know and are inclined to say things like “My coach/Judith would say…” and that means it’s in their awareness. I am content with that.

I am drawn to the spooky, the woo-woo and the whack-jobs. I love whack-jobs, me. The wackier the better. I wish there were more in the world. Many geniuses have been written off as whack-jobs, either fairly or unfairly. That’s just life. People are fearful of what they don’t understand, but none of this has ever scared me. All it’s ever done is resonated with my inner knowing, reassured me, stood up (or not) to my own accidental or purposeful experiments, and drawn others like me to me. All good so far, am I right?

Talk openly about anything you like and, in so doing, inspire and encourage others to be brave too. I think you’ll find a warmer audience than perhaps you fear. At the very least, those who disagree or disapprove will still love you and respect your choices. And I, for one, would march on Westminster to protect your right to draw inspiration from wherever you darn well please and talk about it openly too.

Do it to encourage others, but only to the extent that you are happy doing so. Inch by inch. And, as you discover that the sky isn’t falling in, another inch.

Society is often harsh on those with whom we don’t agree because we fear what we don’t understand. Recently someone told me that one of the actresses I really like is a Scientologist. I’ll confess it made me think a little bit differently about her, but not of her acting work which is, and will always remain, totally great to me whatever she believes in her private life which is none of my business, frankly.

I am thinking too of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. We all make fun of them when they come to the door. I always pretend I am too busy working to talk to them. Thank God (!) for entry phones. But they don’t stop trying to convert us and society more than tolerates them. They do no harm to anyone with their beliefs, or not to my eyes anyway. This is all simply a matter of opinion and personal choice.

Initially, I’d recommend only opening up to those who you trust with your tenderest of tender stuff and, as life goes on, be prepared to draw to you more and more like minds and hearts. There’s me, for starters!

PS After I wrote this, I had a quick squint at FB. You and I are going to have to seriously up our game if we want to compete with the whack-jobs on there! Nothing to do with spirituality, just whack-jobs. I like that word. I like typing it. I shall start using it more.


  • When it comes to your own beliefs about spirituality or politics or anything, to what extent do you keep quiet or share your views with the world?
  • Thanking about that now, what would you change?
  • Is that set in stone, or might you change your mind in the future?

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