Q38: When Is Enough Enough?

Oh! I so agree with you. I know you and I both know when enough is enough. And we are both quite or very close to that place where we appreciate that we are enough, we have enough, and we know enough.

Gentle Reader, my questioner is a consultant but she also does another couple of funky and interesting things on the side. She’s not my only consultant client and there’s often a somewhat tricky quandary that goes with being a consultant which my freelancer readers will also recognise.

When we have a contract we are grateful to have it and are mostly well paid, or at least thankful we have money coming in. Between contracts, we sigh with relief because we have, at least initially, money in the bank so we can pursue our own other interests which are usually many and varied. But depending on how long that “between contracts” goes on, we can begin to allow scarcity to creep in. Cash reserves are dropping and we are not sure yet when or if we will get another contract. Which, in turn, means that when we are in a contract, we never know when is the right time to give it up if it doesn’t end naturally, or give us up.

Or, to put it another way, when is enough enough? I know my client’s question is broader than this but I am restricting it to just this for now. It’s a right old to do, isn’t it? And yet, it isn’t. It’s just the natural ebb and flow which goes with the territory of being a freelancer or a contractor.

In the early days of working for ourselves, we tend to grab whatever’s offered. Before we get it, we pine for it and fear for our savings dropping to zero or below. We are relatively indiscriminate. Then we start the contract and we see what’s wrong with it and we determine to choose more wisely next time, assuming all other things are equal. Which they never are, of course.

If we go back to my theory that we don’t die when we run out of money and that it always comes from somewhere, then we can afford to hold out a bit longer, until we get what we really want and deserve.

Some of my clients who are good at manifesting, as this particular Top Bird is, can easily be more abundant than others. They know their perfect contract is just waiting for them in divine escrow. And all of my clients get to that place in the end, after a few terrifying false starts.

Another client asked me a question only this week about how she should afford something she wanted. She’s another contractor as it happens. I said to her, because I know she’s spooky, that if she was meant to have it then she would magically manifest it and not to rule that out. Within 48 hours she wrote again to let me know that was precisely what had happened; yep, no surprise to me, Beloved. She’d booked the initial session of the thing that was her heart’s desire, and one of her contracting companies had been in touch to say they wanted her back for a nice long period of time and at a higher rate than her current contract which runs out fairly shortly. So now she knows she has the extra cash to pay for the lovely thing.

Enough is a little bit of a movable feast. My enough may be a lot less than yours, for instance. It certainly is when it comes to things. There’s almost nothing I want. And yet, did you know, it is almost impossible to manifest more money?

So I tend to say woo woo things out loud to the Big U like “If you think I need more money, please send me more clients.” And they tend to show up. Ka-ching.

Also, your sense of enough changes at different stages of your life.

As you learn over the years of employing yourself for money that you will always survive, whatever happens, that you will thrive frequently too and that ebb and flow is natural, then you will come to see that we always have enough. Sufficiency is a beautiful thing.


  • Just for now, what constitutes enough?

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