Q5: What Makes the Folly of Multiple Projects SO Seductive?

“The ‘there’s safety in numbers’ multiple-projects-on-the-go-at-any-one-time theory, despite all evidence to the contrary.”

I love this. I love it especially because you tell me your own answer. “Despite all evidence to the contrary.” Quite.

And you already know that playing with multiple projects simultaneously is precisely the way to prove yourself right, that it is a folly.

I think it leaks. What I mean by that is if you don’t believe in your own project enough to make it your one and only (or your one and only for now) that vibe leaks and your ideal client/customer picks up on that somehow.

I think you have to be on fire with your #1 offering and give it all you’ve got and that vibe is precisely what it takes to make it, or anything, work.

The confusion can sometimes come in knowing which one to pick.

I know you a little, and that’s enough for me to know that deep down you also know which is The One. With my clients, it is often the one they save till last on our induction call. The one where they go “Of course, what I’ve always REALLY wanted to do is…” It’s The One they hold closest to their chest because they fear showing it to the light in case it withers to dust after all these years, or I don’t like it or others don’t like it or it doesn’t work or any manner of one or more examples of bonkersness.

As your coach, there are lots of ways I could get you to choose just one.

There’s that hoary old chestnut where I pretend to hold a gun to your head or kidnap your first born or something. On pain of death, which one would you choose then?

I’ve fiddled about with multiple businesses and multiple projects and I was just limiting my own success. So perhaps the more pertinent question is why on earth would you do that?

Two final thoughts (a quick question this):

1. See my piece Q33 about Ideas Sex. That’s all the multiple projects are. Safety perhaps. Seduction certainly.

2. See my blog article called One Woman One Website. One project properly done, to the exclusion of all else, is enough for one woman and what it takes to be successful as a solopreneur. It is a full-time job just making one work successfully to the point where it will bring you the results you seek, whatever they may be. One Thing = One Winner. You can do the other ones once your needs are taken care of. Once you have trained your brain to do one thing at a time, Sweet Jesus.


One Woman One Website

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