Q50: How Much Time Should I Put Into a New Area of Business?

“How to discern how much time to put into a new area of business (outside one’s sweet spot) that could be of real benefit further down the road e.g. training work flows to me but I am interested in building up my list to generate more affiliate income but right now I find the creation of videos a bit tedious because I am still making a lot of mistakes.”

How long is a piece of string? I know you to be a wise bird, and vice versa, and were this me I would put in as much time as I was able to find the passion or interest or enthusiasm for and I note that you use the word interest so this doesn’t sound as though it would be hard for you.

What’s the real problem?

Are you wiped out after completing your other work/family commitments?

I notice you mention videos and that you are finding that a bit tedious. If so, I wouldn’t be building my list like that then. Although I briefly flirted with the idea of video yesterday (hush my mouth), you know I HATE video. But if anything is tedious I wouldn’t do it. The beauty of self-employment is that a job that tedious doesn’t occur or is simply outsourced unless you are wedded to doing it the hard way.

How could this be easy, given that video isn’t the only way? Or have you decided that it would be the best or fastest way, I wonder? In which case, persevere. But on your own head be it.

The best and fastest way for me would be to do something I love so much I couldn’t stop myself doing it.

I’ve made a long list of the ways I intend to market this book, for instance, and all of them are things I would find fun, or interesting, even the slightly challenging-looking ones. But there are definitely no tedious ones on that list. Tedious? Non merci. Not much video on the list either! Did you go on a course which said video was The Way to do this list-building lark?

So here’s another thought. If affiliate income is your goal, you don’t necessarily need a list to do that anymore. There are other ways. And there are even early hints that email marketing is dead or dying. Wouldn’t that be a bummer, to spend years building up a list only to discover (as I think I already have) that almost no-one bothers with emails anymore?

Right now, you and I are having a lot of fun on Facebook. Do you have a Facebook Page for this particular project? If you build an engaged following there, you could achieve your goals without a list at all. I am on a course this very week teaching me how to make the best of my Facebook Page and intend to get more into that so we can compare notes.

These days I tend to regard Facebook Pages and Groups as lists by another name.

I think what I am saying is twofold:

1. Don’t do anything tedious, do something you’d love or at least prefer instead then it doesn’t become a matter of how much time so much as “let me at it!”
2. There’s more than one way, there are always many ways to achieve our end goal. How else could you create a reliable affiliate income which, by the way, I think is a good idea for you, you Mechanic* you?


  • If something’s proving tedious, what’s the message?
  • What other ways could you achieve your goal which you WOULD enjoy?
  • Remember what I always say: “When it’s right, it’s easy!”

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