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she-believed-1st-366heartQuestions about blogging have come thick and fast during the 30DC. Here’s a typical one:

What techniques can I apply to get me to write blog posts for my new website which needs a bit of work doing to it? I wonder whether that is what makes me reluctant to do anything on it.

Here are my thoughts:

Do you like writing, for starters? If not, find another route to market – perhaps audio, maybe video, how about pictures?

If you do like writing, then just do one. Then another. Then another. Enjoy yourself.

[Tweet “Decide how many blog posts you are going to commit to and how often you will publish”].

Then make it a habit.

In my past, I have often written either ad hoc when I feel like it, or 2-3 times a week because I knew I should. And in 2014 I am writing every day. Every day is much easier and is already a habit by day 176, much sooner than that. I am loving it so much and in so many different ways that I already suspect I shall do it every day for the rest of my life.

I was talking to a client who paints a heart every day and she said she too will do it every day forever.

Note: We both reserve the right to change our minds!

It is just about finding that same hook for you, then you won’t look back. Find a way to love it if you can, so it’s exciting and you can’t wait to do it, rather than it being a chore. You are communicating with your clients about work you love. That’s how I see it. That makes it easy for me.

Only you can decide. If you love to write, then you are on to a winner. Tell me how you feel about writing and blogging and whether or not you are having to force yourself?

I wouldn’t worry just yet about the site needing work, although I know where you are coming from. Do not allow that to put you off. Create content and slowly it will all come together in line with your vision for the site as a reflection of the project.

What would make this exciting, interesting and compelling for you? Do you have ideas you are looking forward to blogging about? Always go to the interest and passion and share that. Forget the SHOULDS.


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