Questions, Lots of Lovely Questions

This seems to be the direction my business is leading me into – questions, helping clients to solve them. I also love to just listen and help you find your own answers.

Last week’s discussion topics have included:

*Accountability (come to our SBBM group calls more often please!)
*Getting and keeping clarity and focus/a clear vision, fog-free
*Launching a website before it’s perfect and before you have all your ducks in a row (the ONLY way to do it)
*How to protect your loved ones in their businesses if they won’t pay attention to your expertise (you can’t, a prophet is never recognised in her own town)
*Tips for contract renegotiation
*Terms for taking on a potential business partner

This week’s talking points have included:

*Playing too small for too long
*Understanding why we do what we do in a way which is useful
*Working bigger (theme of the day)
*What to do with a genius idea for a brand new business which would be full time when you are already four years into your current genius thing which is working really well.

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Ready for your plot twist in the last quarter of 2017? I am.

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