Rampaging with Esther and Oscar

My relationship with Abraham-Hicks, specifically Esther Hicks channelling Abraham, goes way back. In doing some research for this article, Amazon reveals that I first bought their books and audios in 2005. My website archives document that I saw Esther at Alternatives in 2008 and started writing about rampages of appreciation in 2009.

But, like all things, despite being aware of their excellent work, I hadn’t been using it very much at all lately until Marion reminded us all in I Love My Life. She was off and running and starting to infect others and soon I joined in and, in turn, starting paying it forward because the results are so fast and such fun.

All you have to do is go to YouTube and search on Abraham-Hicks and thousands of videos come up. I don’t watch the videos; I just listen to Esther as Abraham. If you have no idea what I am talking about, bear with.

Abraham talks about Law of Attraction. Their message is very simple but the reason there are so many videos and so much stuff on Amazon and YouTube is because we human beings make it complicated. So all their content is thematically approximately the same and that’s the bliss of it. It is all designed to raise your vibration and you can do this by paying attention (I recommend that way at least once a day), by having it playing in the background while you are doing other things, and/or while you are drifting off to sleep (they have special ones for that).

Abraham has a fantastic sense of humour and laughing raises the vibe, of course.

It’s only been about two weeks but I feel completely different, more upbeat, more optimistic, more trusting in the Universe that I am going to be OK whatever happens (Brexit, finding a new home, health, wealth, happiness). And as soon as you raise your vibe, not only is life more enjoyable but it goes better too, as you attract better stuff, kinder people and surprises, about which more below.

So, how is this working in my life?

You may know that The Oscars is My Thing every year. And that in the run-up to them I watch all the films in contention and I get excited and I blog and I make choices for my faves and I read predictions and I immerse myself in my passion totally. I stay up all night until 0430, I take the next day off during which I re-live all the best bits on YouTube, over and over. I watch the compilation show on Monday night and am incensed that Best Supporting Actor and Actress do not make the edit despite being two of my faves on the night and in my predictions.  I email my film buff (middle) nephew and we debate whether or not it’s a vintage year, which films he’s seen and which he hasn’t and which ones he will now, given my reviews.

My vibe is high. My interest is high. My sense of passion and fun is high and while it was under control in the lead up, by the weekend I was beyond excited and all day Monday I felt hungover, like I’d been to a truly great party all night and couldn’t stop discussing the best bits with everyone and looking at the photos again. Are Bradley and Gaga getting it on? Who cares! Did you SEE that Steinway she was playing? On and on, I am possessed by the Oscars. I can bore or enthral for England on the topic.

At some point, I thought to myself on Monday or Tuesday, OK, enough now Judith. Enough with the Oscars stuff. You are boring people.

And then Esther and Abraham started shouting at me not to be so silly. This is exactly what I am supposed to be doing. Immersing myself in stuff which makes me feel fabulous, light-hearted and fun, having passions and enjoying them to the max, noticing the feelings and loving them and extending that as long as possible, even dwelling there, not being sensible and telling myself I’ve had enough cinematic passion hobby fun now for another year and putting myself back in my box.

See how this works?

So, I have a challenge for you, my first of the day. This is for you if you feel like your vibe could use some of this high-level excitement and feelgood. Go to Abraham-Hicks on YouTube and/or Facebook, get out your old audio recordings and books and take at least ten minutes of Abraham every day, more if you can. Listen while you walk, or drive, or shop.

Today is 1st March. Do it for 31 days, every day and let me know what you have attracted into your life and what a difference it’s made to you. Come and join my rampage! Write today and let me have your commitment to the 31 days. I’m ten days ahead of you and I am already as high as a kite. I hope I never come down.


Abraham-Hicks YouTube channel There are other YT channels too, dedicated to their material. I don’t think it matters much which ones you are watching/listening to as long as you are hearing/seeing Esther channelling Abraham.

Abraham-Hicks Facebook page

Esther travels a lot, mostly in the States. The majority of content you will hear is recorded at those gigs. She also does cruises. I have never wanted to go on a cruise, quite the opposite in fact. This may just be the exception. The Caribbean in April, Alaska in July, the Med in September.

Abraham-Hicks Workshops and Cruises

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