20 Reasons to Work with Me as Your Business Mentor

Never Stop CreatingHere’s a list of the ways in which my clients call upon me as their business mentor and ways in which I am happy to help.

The list is in no particular order of importance and it certainly is not either exhaustive or definitive. Whatever you can think of, I’m prepared to help you with. Bring it on!


  1. Encouraging and empowering conversations about business, life, the Universe and everything
  2. Money – anything whatsoever to do with money including changing your relationship with it, understanding what it means, how to price your products and services, spreadsheets and business plans, how much to pay for things and how to negotiate. I was an accountant for twenty years.
  3. Shortcuts to solutions; who do I know who…If I don’t know, I’ll know who does
  4. What to say to anyone about anything, how to respond not react
  5. Accountability – what you’ll do by when
  6. Ask me to cast my eye over stuff you send me for review – pitches, web copy, tricky emails
  7. Ideas, inspiration and resources, what’s helped me and others I know and how and why it helped
  8. Opinions which help you form and become increasingly confident about your own. I am not wedded to whether or not you follow my advice, my aim is to help you feel more confident about your own views, and to become more resilient
  9. As you would have used your team of colleagues at work – you miss the social aspects of going out to work (but only that!). No need to miss them anymore now you have me.
  10. As a sounding board, a listening ear. Just to be heard, appreciated and understood.
  11. Comparing notes, how others have done it, how I do it
  12. Another viewpoint from someone with no agenda or axe to grind, things you might not have thought of
  13. For celebrations and sharing the good news, the miracles and the wins
  14. As an ally or confideante who is resolutely on your side, someone you can rely on for unconditional love and support; you don’t have to earn it chez Judith
  15. I’ve been there, done it and got the T-shirt, I’ve been self-employed and in business since 1977. Yes, you read that right.
  16. I am a creative entrepreneur too – I’ve owned businesses in accounting, travel, catering, cleaning and coaching and my clients have owned thousands of different types of businesses
  17. I know how it feels to be you and all that entails, that challenges it throws up
  18. I want you to have a wonderful life with your small business as a part of that, or not
  19. As an adviser and business consultant, all you have to do is ask
  20. Anything else you can think of, you can’t get this wrong.

I am available when you don’t know where else to go or who else to ask. Either I might be the right person and place, or together we’ll work out where’s even better.

Who could have imagined that the range of stuff we’d talk about would be so broad, or so human and real?

This way, you need never stop creating.

Your Biz Your Way

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