Recruiting, Training and Managing Freelancers: Podcast Ep 210

Today’s focus is an IRL one. Nicola’s trusted techie VA, her sister Sarah, is moving on to pastures new which means Nicola is thinking about recruiting, training and managing a freelancer or a couple of them to replace the work that Sarah does in different areas of Nicola’s work, including our podcast.

So we have a long debate in which we fossick about in the question and try to find some answers. Happily, by the end of our discussion, Nicola feels better about the whole prospect and is able to go off with a couple of tasks to move the whole project forward. Sarah is leaving good handover materials for the newbie.

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In other news, our Words of the Week are Cough (Nicola) and Ease (me).

Nicola fills me in on her week; she’s been helping daughter Phoebe with her job hunting and re-learning the art of job applications 2019 style. She’s pleased to discover there are plenty of entry-level digital marketing jobs. And she’s manifested a new phone within only hours of telling me yesterday – when we recorded last week’s show – how much she needed a new one.

I tell Nicola about my new home-visiting beautician and hairdresser, very good and good enough respectively, and my surprise and disappointment that the salons at the bottom of my road either didn’t reply to my voicemail when I tried to book an appointment, or had non-functioning telephones, websites and/or Facebook pages so that contact became impossible. What’s the lesson in that, we wonder? They don’t need any more new business, they are full up, or they DO need some help with online marketing?

Nicola’s main Done For You client, Huna Jane, is doing a 21 Day Challenge and I share that I am delighted to have got my 2018 tax return off my desk in plenty of time and zero stress. Also that I will be running a Cashflow Game in West London on the day this show goes live, my first since September 2016. I am much looking forward to catching up with five members of my Club 100 face to face. Four of them have played before but a long time ago, and together we will bring the newbie up to speed.

In Project Updates, Nicola lets me know that download numbers for Own It! were down during December, largely because we only broadcast half the number of shows we normally do, thanks to our extended holiday. And I tell her I am contemplating yet more new projects, an online writing group to help people with their newsletters and Facebook Pages. So far, all takers are for the latter but maybe too few so far to make it a goer. Let’s see.

And finally I am impressed by my 27-year-old nephew, Jeremy, whose birthday it is on the day we are recording, and Nicola is excited by the joint ventures between writer Steven Pressfield and agent Shawn Coyne of Black Irish Books and The Story Grid: What Good Editors Know.


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