A Plan to Achieve Results

One of my clients has come up with her own genius plan for achieving the results she wants. I was struck by the simplicity of it as she wrote it down in this week’s check-in. I told her I would turn it into an anonymous blog post because I could see immediately that it would help other small biz owners trying to focus on the important stuff.

Here it is (with my embellishments in brackets!):

  • Set intentions that feel easily achievable
  • Some of them (not all) may push you beyond your comfort zone (some stretch is good, all stretch is exhausting)
  • Be far more aware (and sooner) of time-wasters (and I got the sense that’s not just people but “work” too)
  • Focus more quickly on income-generating activities
  • Finish everything you start, even if it means ticking less off the list (this is SUCH good training, get fewer things done perhaps but get those you do start finished, more efficient and faster in the end somewhat logically but perhaps counter-intuitively in an age where we are such inveterate multi-taskers)
  • Cut through more work more quickly without getting tied up in detailed drudgery


Rewards (keep your eyes on the prize because if you can stick to this plan you will deserve prizes and be able to afford them too).

This post could be much longer, but what’s the point? It is the brevity and efficiency which is its beauty!

Your Biz Your Way

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