Reflection and Revelation: Podcast Ep 167

Nicola and I had to have an emergency conflab first thing on Monday morning and that led to her choosing revelation as our topic for today’s show. Do you make time for reflection in your business? We both confess to spending a lot of time thinking about our businesses, in one way or another, and often this reflection leads to revelation. After Monday she said she felt so much better as she allowed me to talk her down from something she didn’t want to do. I see what she’s doing as moving with the times, being more responsive to her clients’ needs and happily those needs coincide with her own. She leaves us with the thought that it’s all about eyeballs!

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I’m all about the Supermoon in today’s show, we recorded it on 1st February, the morning after three clear nights on the trot where I was able to watch the moon become super and more super towards the night of 31st January itself and although we couldn’t see it blood red in the UK it was an awesome sight. I allowed myself to get cold by leaving the shutters open for as long as it was visible each night, which was several hours. And wow! When it rose it was so low and yellow and fat. I am already quite moony, but this took me to dizzy full moony heights. Next, I am looking forward to the new moon partial solar eclipse in the middle of the month of February.

In other news, I have completed 31 days of habit-forming January, tidied up my own website adding all sorts of lovely widgets for my Selz bookshop, my Amazon reviews and my little Audioboom podcast where I am reading out the 52 questions. I’ve got that podcast onto Stitcher, Spotify and Tunein, I’ve asked my clients to send in some updated testimonials for use on my sales pages for Small Business Big Magic and Club 100, I’ve updated the website footer to match my current nav bar choices and I’ve joined Stripe, hookeing it up to Setmore for those booking one-off paid consultations. Gosh! I impressed myself!!

I tell Nicola about a few other writery and techie things I’m playing with and she tells me about a flurry of people booking themselves into her online diary this week in a new experiment or her, 11 entries into her Write Club’s flash fiction competition and the 15 euro bargain taverna suppers she’s enjoyed 3x this week.

I talked her down from a panic on Monday, and then she had a little miracle of her own too when a former client wrote her an email which led a very short trail to a list of the Top 10 sci-fi agents, something which Nicola had been finding it difficult to locate. I tell her about a file I’ve found in my computer called My Books and my theory that without writing any new content I could end up with seven or eight books on sale in my Selz bookshop if not within Michael Neill’s “Impossible” 90 days then certainly in 2018.  I’ve already uploaded two more, making three in total, and found another four already written, a couple of which have even already previously sold and sold well. OK, updates and covers are needed but that’s well within my capabilities these days. I also share that my first Amazon royalties have landed and that’s icing on my cake. My new obsession is book marketing and Nicola points out that that too could also become a book in due course. Maybe.

Our words of the week are Verve (mine) and Reveal (hers).

Project Updates include Apple Analytics (at last!), Nicola scoping out a new tool for video onboarding of her clients (yuk to the concept from me and yuk to the word onboarding too!) and I’m proud to announce I’ve left the house to go to a fun meeting with Frank who offered coffee and cake at my favourite local emporium. Yum.

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