A Reward for Having a LIfe

Movie PopcornYesterday I went to the cinema, to see Chef. It was great, and I thoroughly recommend it if you like fun and food and feelgood, sexy and sizzle. And driving across America. And redemption. And great Latin music. It’s been too long since my last US road trip; that country was made for driving across, all those empty roads. And great food. And laid back fun.

While I was gone, someone I don’t yet know (but who is on my mailing list) turned up at my website and booked herself in for some summer coaching. This is great because I get to meet a new person and work with her and help her increase her abundance quotient this summer.

It’s also great because it means the marketing is working.  That’s what we want. Strangers buying our services.

But what’s best of all about it? It happened when I wasn’t here, it happened when I was out having fun. It happened as if by magic.

OK, I know that marketing is a lot of hard work, hard work which I also just happen to love and find fascinating but a ka-ching in absentia is the very best way to make money.

And then a client wrote to me overnight to say she had enjoyed precisely the same experience that afternoon and that it was the third time it had happened to her that month. Our exchange went like this:

ME to her: “Guess what, I did the same thing today, made the dosh when I was out having fun. That feels great, doesn’t it? Like a reward for having a life.”

HER to me: “That’s exactly it! And you know what that means….? Sitting in the office working will make us poor! Another message from Big U telling me to take more time off. But using the carrot approach this time, instead of using the stick approach in XXXXXXXXXX my XXXXXX. That wasn’t nice of U to do that. But abundance I likey :-)”

And then, this afternoon, one of the 30DC challengers wrote this to me:

“I went on holiday [mid 30DC] for a week. I desperately needed that holiday, allowed myself to have it, kept the faith and came back to two pieces of XXXXXXXXXX out-of-the-blue work in my inbox.  Now I don’t have to panic or stress about leaving my flat.”

Well, exactly, Madam. This is PRECISELY how it works. “Out of the blue”. It feels like out of the blue, but it doesn’t come out of the blue unless you’ve put the work in. We don’t do it all ourselves, but we do have to do our bit. And all three of us? We’d done our bit, over the weeks and months and years. And we’d taken the time off and been paid in full.

Thanks to the Big U today for these three reminders in less than 24 hours. So long as we put in the spadework, we can also relax and trust that we are provided for. My friend Sharon and I have long suspected that we are our most magical at manifestation when we step away from the machine.

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