Rod Stewart, My Brother and Me

Rod StewartAs listeners to one of the festive episodes of the podcast will know, Rod Stewart is my brother’s favourite singer and he (my bro) takes much stick in my family for being stuck in his heyday musically, and stuck in Rod’s heyday too.

Rod is famous for not wanting to talk about it. My brother too, except under certain circumstances which you can never completely predict although, after all these years, I can tell you when it’s odds on. Nevertheless he would be the first to say he likes to keep us in anticipation, on our toes. He wouldn’t want to be predictable. Who would?

I on the other hand not only love talking about it, I need to talk about it and I want to talk about it and I must do that with you. Otherwise I don’t “get” you or your unique and glorious set of qualities and opportunities.

Interestingly, although I love a good chat when we come together socially, I only really want to do the sort of talking (and listening) I mean in this context when it comes to clients. In all other respects, I don’t want to talk on the phone about anything. Rod will enjoy that one, right up his rue. I use phones to pay to park the car, and that’s about it.

If you are not someone who gets clear with your mouth open, thinking aloud, then you probably don’t want to talk about it much either. But you’ll be a shoo-in for that rather elite club with you, my brother and Rod Stewart. The meetings are going to be a bit quiet though.

If you are one of those who leans towards you talking and me listening in a potential client/coach partnership, then we should have a chat. If you’d like to do that, simply contact me and let’s find a way to make some wonderful juicy creative vibes together.

And if you have ten minutes, here’s a video/audio thingy my podcast partner made for me which is me thinking with my mouth open, getting clear about this talking thing. It’s me talking about talking, and if it resonates with you at all, please let me know.

Talking gets your creative juices flowing and raises your vibration and then, your vibration calls action from you. Abraham told me that but I knew it already and, if I’m talking to the right person here, so do you.

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