S is Getting to Where She Needs to Be

S is a member of Club 100.

“Thank you so much for the call, I feel like a big clump of hair has been removed from the drain! I wrote this as a testimonial in case you want to use it:

During our call this week I had a lightbulb moment when you helped me to identify my ideal client. Since then, working on my content and offers has been like a hot knife through butter. It’s so easy now because I finally know who I am talking to. Thank you for talking me through it. In particular, it was the un-PC nature of the conversation that helped. I felt free to cast aspersions on the people I don’t want as clients and this allowed me to identify the clients who suit me most. There are perfect clients for every business, thank you for helping me to get clear about mine.”

To which I replied, truthfully (you’d expect nothing less, nor would S):

“I sometimes feel some pressure because I know you (and everyone) wants the best experience all of the time and sometimes we can co-create magic and that’s easy and sometimes calls in between are less instant in their magic!”

And S countered with this:

“It’s true that there is pressure but I find our calls always get to where they need to be, even though we didn’t know that’s where we needed to go.”

Your Biz Your Way

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