Sally Garfield: Writer and Life Coach

Today’s blog guest is Sally Garfield, writer and life coach. Sally is one of my favourite writers in our group, not least because she’s rather better at it than I am. I find myself very drawn to her love of all things slow. Here she is, Sally in her own words:

Sally GarfieldMy name is Sally Garfield and I am a writer and Life Coach.

I also love experimenting with healthy recipes using home grown produce, singing in a choir, rearranging our house, pootling along in our narrow boat and walking with my husband and Jack Russell, Gracie

My business is called Well Spent Days. I started it this year, after a few years of soul searching and planning (as you’ll see, I don’t like to rush things!).

I encourage people who are starting a new phase in their life but lacking in clarity and confidence, to slow down, find out who they truly are and what will make their life more meaningful and peaceful.

They might be empty nesters, newly divorced, recovering from a bereavement or recently retired.  Or just wanting to start a new project or business and maybe have been trying to get something off the ground but are struggling to get started.  I help them to identify the blocks that are holding them back, so they are ready to tackle the planning and practicalities further down the line.

Or they may want to start respecting their body more after a few years of abusing it a bit with wine and fast food!

I educate and inspire through my writing, coaching and recipes.

My magical power is to help people see their life, past and present in a new positive light, and to make the most of that.

I also inspire them to make the most of their home life, by using some alchemy with their meal planning, garden and home.  The gardening and home stuff is with the not insignificant help of my husband. I like to do the easy bits like making things look pretty!

The things I love best about working for myself are the freedom from 9-5, being the boss, using my talents and creativity, working from my boat, being able to take advantage of the weather, being appreciated for who I am rather than having to ‘fit in’ with someone else’s ideal.

The surprises have been how much I enjoy it.  10 years ago I never thought I’d have the confidence to run my own business, and it’s in its very early days, but I’m learning that when you offer something fabulous, the people will come!  I’ve found out that I’m more resilient than I thought and can take the rough with the smooth. And there’s so much help available once you take the plunge. Not least from Judith herself.

It’s a shock when you realise that you are out there on your own and there’s no boss to take the flak.  But that’s also very empowering.

I’ve certainly become a lot more self aware. I take responsibility rather than trying to blame others. When things go well your confidence goes throughout the roof. And it’s super to be able to use your creativity and talents every day to help others.

At the moment I’m most looking forward to adding to my coaching skills as I come to the end of the Martha Beck coach training course. And to spending a lot of this month of the boat, relaxing and enjoying the remainder of the Summer.

Follow Sally on Twitter: @Sally-awsd

Sally joined Club 100 at the beginning of this year. If you’d like to work in a circle of 30+ women just like Sally, those who glory in fast as well as slow and appreciate each other for their gifts and talents, then I hope you’ll book your seat during August at £100 pcm. Prices for new members increase to £150pcm on 1st September. Now, there’s a reason to speed up if ever I saw one!



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