Sam Dounis: Writer and Cartoonist

Today’s blog guest is Sam Dounis. What can I say about fellow Creator Sam that she couldn’t express better in her own words? Here she is:

Once upon a time, there was a cartoon sheep. He was a very silly sheep, who went on some adventures and got into a few scrapes. He really enjoyed his adventures and wished with all his might that he could go on a lot more. But he was only allowed an adventure a few times a year, and even then only a handful of people would know about it.

This went on for many years and Seamus was sad for a lot of the time. Then he started to notice that he was being allowed to go on a few more adventures each year, and more people seemed to know about him. He heard mention of going to the internet, which sounded like a remarkable adventure, even though he didn’t know where that was. But still he was confined to his field for most of the year, and the occasional whispers would soon die out. He was a sad but hopeful sheep.

And then, one fateful day, a day he would remember for the rest of his life, Seamus had an adventure on the internet!! And then another and another. Before he knew it, he was having adventures all the time! He was a very happy sheep!! Then he started showing up in people’s houses, having adventures on mugs, mouse mats, tea towels, all sorts of things! How wonderful. And how happy was Seamus. Seamus the very silly sheep, who goes on lots of adventures and gets into lots of scrapes 🙂

Sam DounisMy name is Sam Dounis and I’m a writer, a cartoonist, a lucky wife to a lucky husband, mummy to the prettiest and most bonkers puppy, and the creator of Seamus the Sheep.

Seamus started off life having adventures in my family’s birthday cards, and nobody else really knew about him. For over twenty years he would have the odd adventure while I clocked up hours and years working. Every so often he’d break through and every so often I’d be overwhelmed with the urge to write. Anything.  Just to write.

But I’d suppress the urges and carry on whittling my round peg into a square one to try and fit in.  Eventually, after almost fifteen years, I left banking. Which I’d often loved. I worked with some great people, and met my husband as a result. But I made choices that didn’t let me be myself. Now I get to be entirely me, which is the thing I love the most about working for myself. I love the freedom and the choices and they ability to bunk off to the beach when it’s sunny. But most of all I love the fact I can completely be me.

Which all sounds rather lovely and magical, as if I floated out of the bank and everything fell into place. Which it didn’t! Firstly, I started my self-employed journey doing something I could do, but which I wasn’t suited to: the hole was still too square. Secondly, did you know that nobody tells you what your business should do? Or who you should target? Or which systems you should employ?  You do all of that. Which on paper sounds easy, but when someone else has been doing that for you for fifteen years, it’s a bit of a shock!  Choosing which software to buy is more than daunting, although having fifteen years of computer support is extremely useful for knowing what to do when things go wrong.

I won’t lie, I’ve had doubts, tears and tantrums. And I’ll probably have a few more. But it’s been worth it.  I’m so much more confident about saying ‘this is who I really am’. And I’ve noticed that I take much more responsibility for what’s going on in my life, which means I’m more in control. For example, I recognise when I’m pretending that something’s outwith my control, when actually it’s because of what I’m choosing to do or feel.

I know there are some great times ahead because there are great things happening right now. I think the thing I’m most excited about is my weekly email: Sunday Sunshine. I love the idea that more and more people will get to know Seamus and Kimber and read about their adventures. And that more and more people will have something to smile about as they start their weeks. Because we can all use something more to smile about, right?

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