Why I Love Working on Saturday Mornings

Woman Writing in Daily PlannerFriday is my day off, mostly. At least Friday afternoon if I can swing it. Because I work on Saturday mornings and I love working on Saturdays, always have. Saturday morning coaching slots are very popular and therefore I am being of service to my current clients. And when I was an accountant it was the only time I got the peace and quiet to catch up with a lot of admin without the phone ringing all the time and so three powerful hours were really useful to me and allowed me to go off then and enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Each day of the week has a particular energy, don’t you find? Saturdays feel free and long and spacious, like there’s plenty of time and choice about what I do with my weekend. It’s 1.15 now and yet there’s still loads of afternoon and evening ahead of me. Working on a Sunday would not be the same. In fact, Sunday is the one day of the week where I choose not to work. I can ring fence that one for personal time much more easily than I can any other day of the week. Apart from my daily blogging habit, I am hoping to train myself to give up social media and all electronic gadget interface on Sundays too.

I know this isn’t the same for everyone.  In fact, we’re all just making it up. One hour and one day is the same as any other. And yet I often encourage my clients to pick Monday as a day off, so that they can put themselves and their own projects first, for example, especially if it is a day off from their ‘day job’ if they still have one. Also it is counter intuitive and that’s good for re-training ourselves out of old and long-ingrained habits which are no longer applicable. If you can’t have Monday off, can you go in late and start work at say 11 a.m. having invested the first two power hours of the day in you?

What’s your best time of the day and week? We have been trained into the 9-5, Monday-Friday, routine but that may not be your best time. I know, for instance, that if I work late into the evenings, I don’t want to get up in the morning but since I am naturally an early riser and someone who knows how to put the work in, I feel guilty and almost lazy if I am in bed late during the morning, almost as if someone’s watching and judging. WTF? Who’s watching? No-one! Get over yourself, Morgan.

And yet these are the reasons we work for ourselves, precisely so that we can decide how to work, where to work, when to work and how to set our own timetable. In my Club 100, many are experimenting with working at home by themselves for the first time in their lives and finding a work pattern which suits, often with only part-time hours available due to parenting responsibilities. What we are discovering is that 3 power hours a day works better than allowing yourself to drift throughout the day and achieve little or nothing in a greater amount of time. Make your working hours finite and you are likely to achieve more, odd though it sounds. Test it out. Let me know what you discover.

If you worked for yourself, or if you already do, what would be your ideal working pattern? Which would be your favourite day(s) of the week to work and which to take off? And do you work Saturday mornings too? Join the club!

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