Saturday with Byron Katie & Alternatives

After a very long, tiring and emotionally exhausting day on Friday, again I got up at 8 a.m. to go to a workshop, making it the second 6-day week on the trot.   Remind me to do less, Gentle Reader, please – I’m a fool to myself.

Although I have owned her book, I have never done Byron Katie’s work before but always knew that one day would be The Day, and Saturday was that day.   I spent the morning hot, uncomfortable, exhausted, dehydrated, a bit grumpy and wishing I was at home in bed, wondering why on earth I had signed up to spend the day underground with no natural daylight.

But as the morning wore on, Katie despatched in short shrift a man who had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (she’s tough love, alright) and things perked up a tad with a Nurofen.

Then we had lunch – tuna salad, fruit salad, and a frappucino and I began to feel human again.   I was able to play with my friends during the lunch break and catch up with Sue and get Marie to join us and then the afternoon session began, kerpow – no more whinging, we were into the meat.   Gripping, compelling, edge of seat stuff, applauding and loving the brave people on the stage and their moving stories they surrendered to become healthy again.

Katie worked with a man who had been “thrown out of his father’s house” and not forgiven him and created an impressive turnaround.  Then she worked with an awesome woman who had perhaps THE most dreadful childhood imaginable.   And again, magic was done before our very eyes and an audience of 900 people – at times you could have heard a pin drop, as we sat forward so as not to miss a moment and watched the magic unfold in Katie’s skillful hands.   Not a dry eye in the house, standing room only, each volunteer could have been any one of us.

At some point I realised that I would be running a workshop for Alternatives in November, and although I do not anticipate an audience of 900 or a standing ovation or even that they know who I am before I go on (!), I am excited that I can do good work which will make a difference to peoples’ lives, something Bill Cumming had reminded me the previous Saturday is a core requirement for all of us.

Just another inspirational Saturday, but one in which simple skills were acquired which can be put to profound personal use.   We all need a bit (or even quite a lot) of Byron Katie in our lives.

Three Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. Loving What Is
  2. The opportunity to ponder who I would be without my story, even to drop it
  3. Alternatives – toptastic work you guys and it just goes on and on.

Three Things I Intend To Manifest:

  1. The best workshop I can possibly deliver for Alternatives
  2. More great Mondays and Saturdays spent with all their personal development giants – Srikumar Rao next in September
  3. A fun posse to go with, enhancing the day and keeping me in the game when I could have been home in bed!

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  1. olivia says:

    You wouldn’t go wrong doing that Judith. BK courses are not only great for the content, my experience was that she takes great care of whole course, i.e. great healthy food too amongst really interesting people. Have been away for all of August hence no reply earlier…but really looking forward to our working day together on 16th.

  2. [Blocked by CFC] Judith says:

    Hi Olivia,

    Of course! I knew that about you but had temporarily forgotten. I must say I would dearly love to spend a month at Turnaround House early in 2011 if not before.

  3. olivia woods says:

    Hi Judith, I am delighted you managed to get to Byron Katie at Alternatives recently, and glad you enjoyed witnessing the marvelous work she does. Not sure if you know I trained with Katie some years ago (in Germany) (and many other trainings since then)….Katie’s work ‘The Work; stands out, for me, as one of the most simple yet profound trainings in the world today. Hope you are keeping well?