Sayings: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twenty Two

BruceI’m not quite Bruce Forsyth, thank goodness, but I am beginning to collect about me an abundance of sayings denoting truisms, themes which come up over and over in my coaching and mentoring with clients.

When It’s Right It’s Easy

When it’s right, it’s easy. We’ve firmly established this in my woo woo group. Over and over again we find ourselves exclaiming how easy it is when something goes right for us, when something we want just drops into our laps. But why do we lose faith in that concept in between? Why do we find it so difficult to remember that’s precisely how it works and to make that our modus operandi? Read more here.

One Woman One Website

Running one website well is a full-time job. If you have a beautiful website which does the business, and a great opt-in gift which you refresh regularly, and you write a wonderful and regular newsletter to your subscribers and you blog three times a week to bring traffic to your website to opt in to receive that newsletter, and you use social media efficiently and wisely and in a fun, authentic, human way for the same purpose, then that’s a full time marketing job for each and every website you run. If you try to do more than one, you do none of them well. If you try to catch two rabbits, you catch neither. Read more here. 

Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful If…?

My friend and colleague, Marion Ryan, has her own favourite piece of advice taken from the Abraham-Hicks work. When it seems like a stretch to manifest your dreams, she recommends working with “wouldn’t it be nice if…” and Marion once told me a lovely story about a plane taking off immediately, the roadworks being clear all the way on the drive home from the airport, the babysitter not minding her being late – a whole chain of events she had brought into being starting with “wouldn’t it be nice if…”. Read more here.

What’s your favourite saying? What do you catch yourself saying over and over and is there a funny story behind it, as I so often find there is?

Sayings, love, cats, happiness, money, clients, support, time, inspiration. What would you like to see an abundance of in your life? Join me on this Summer’s AbundanceFest and let’s get co-creating. I’m giving you an abundance of wonderful things for a bargain price of just £197 because Abundance is my middle name. It’ll be nice to see you. Geddit??

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