SBBM Joining Instructions

Hello and welcome to the Small Business Big Magic group!

Here are your joining instructions. Please let me know about anything which isn’t clear.


1. If we are not already friends on Facebook, kindly befriend me at then I can add you to the SBBM Facebook Group.


  • Please book yourself into my online diary a.s.a.p. for your induction call using the Clients – Club 100/SBBM category.
  • In case you are not in the UK, my diary is in London time which moves from GMT in winter to BST in summer when our clocks spring forward on the last Sunday in March by one hour and fall back again on the last Sunday in October. And remember if you do not receive an email confirmation of the appointment from Setmore, you are not booked in – it will mean you missed the last button you had to press.
  • If you do not find anything in my diary which fits with yours, please email me so we can resolve that.
  • If this is your very first time booking yourself into my online diary, please remember to fill in your Skype name in the appointment booking form so I can call you at the right time. Our Skype call will be audio only; I will initiate the call to you and ask you to answer without your webcam.


After your induction call, you will start to receive email invitations to attend the group drop-in calls which are run on a schedule of three calls one week and two calls the next, and that schedule repeats so that there are ten ninety-minute calls each month. Calls are timed to suit members in UK, Europe, USA and Australia/New Zealand so they dot around the clock. If you check at this page on my website (the top post on my Blog) it always tells you when the upcoming calls are, in case you misplace the email invitations. These invitations have been found to go into some people’s Junk and Spam folders. Please keep an eye out for that possibility if you do not see them in your Inbox. They come from Cisco Webex.

The current schedule for these calls (all in London, UK time) is:

  • Week A: Tuesday at 1100-1230 and Thursday at 1900-2030
  • Week B: Monday 1700-1830, Wednesday 0800-0930 and Friday 1600-1730
  • This changes a bit based on how the weeks in each month fall and Bank Holidays etc., and weeks A and B sometimes swap about too, but once you get into the routine you will always know where we are and the email invitations can simply be added to your calendar in as little as one click.

The calls are recorded and all invitees are sent the recording automatically but please try to attend in person wherever possible, at least once a month or once a fortnight. They are 90 minute windows where you can pop in and ask your question, claim accountability, hang around listening to others if you wish. Entirely up to you how you use this facility. If I don’t see you every so often, I may “roust” you! The calls are an extension of the work we begin in your induction.

  • Use of a headset is preferable, as this reduces background noise and stops me and all the others hearing the conversation repeated on your computer too.
  • I mute all callers except the client who has my attention in the moment. I operate a queuing system and generally take all callers in the order they arrive at the call. They are not webinars, just drop in at any time during the ninety minutes to suit you.
  • The platform is VOIP, like Skype, which means you join straight from your computer just by following directions in the WebEx invitation email, you must click the Audio button in order to speak. No need to use a phone unless you prefer to.
  • Call in from a quiet place, shut the door, put the dog in the other room etc. usual teleconference etiquette please.
  • WebEx also has a free App which means you can also join from your mobile gadgets e.g. iPad and smartphones, anything where you have Wi-Fi access. At the moment you cannot listen to recordings on those same gadgets though Webex suggest this may be available in future.
  • Please do not feel you have to be at all the calls, that’s not the point or the plan. I am not going to be teaching from the virtual stage, I am going to be responding to you.
  • Come when you can, get what you need and get off the call or stay and enjoy other callers, it’s entirely up to you.

When you use the WebEx platform for the first time you will be invited to download a tiny bit of software and create a profile. Do make time to do both in advance of your first call, as then we can see a picture of you and know who you are. You can also join as a guest if you prefer but then you have less functionality and do not get access to the recordings.

Welcome to some Big Magic for your Small Business – I look forward to speaking to you soon.