Scarcity and Self-Employment

Scarcity of MoneyYou could say that one aspect of choosing self-employment instead of a job is that you enter the world of financial scarcity and insecurity. You run out of money. There’s no reassuring regular incoming salary at the end of each month with which to pay your bills.

Another way of looking at it is that you take on that responsibility in employing yourself, to pay yourself instead of expecting someone else to do that.

In all my time of working for myself I’ve been on the financial edge more times than I care to remember, and I’ve also been in financial abundance and everywhere in between. Learning to go with the flow and remember that’s part of it, well that just goes with the territory.

And, of course, if that’s uncomfortable for you, there’s much you can do to smooth out the feast and famine. That’s what I teach my clients.

Until that day, when you’ve learned to create a regular monthly income which is more reliable than that from your former day-job, here’s some thoughts which may be comforting.

Scarcity is only temporary and it’ll be your turn again soon to be back on top of the cashflow roller-coaster.

You don’t die when you run out of money. And you and yours will not end up living in a cardboard box.

Your thoughts of lack make the situation much more painful than it needs to be, and those thoughts keep your abundance at bay. Breathing is very useful, not least because it gives you a moment in which you can pick a less painful thought to be thinking and feeling about your current financial situation.

You must learn to manage your state as well as learning how to smooth out the financial inflow.

Worrying about lack of money makes no difference. In fact, I would go so far as to say its the only thing where worry doesn’t improve the situation. If you go to bed in lack and lie awake worrying all night, how have you made things better?

You are going to be alright. You’ve always been alright so you will always be alright. How many years’ experience do you have, when you think about it, of things turning out alright in the end? Right. This isn’t the end now either.

The money always comes from somewhere. I’ve never, in all my years of self-employment for my own sake, and being first an accountant and then a business coach to those in both abundance and lack, seen a situation where the money didn’t come from somewhere. All the examples that come to mind are of people who find ways to manifest what they need within weeks or months.

You must get into action to do your part to turn around the vortex. What do you want? Get clear about that first, then do all you can from where you are with what you have. Get into action and things will change. If nothing’s moving, you haven’t got into action and started to attract the good stuff to you yet. Keep the faith. Do the work.

Here are some resources which might help:

Create a daily practice: The Luckiest Guy on the Planet in 4 Easy Steps by James Altucher

Tithing – The Miracle of Tithing by Mark Victor Hansen

The Great Lie of Scarcity – Lynne Twist on The Way We See Money

Happy Money by Laina Buenostar

Sandy Forster’s Wildly Wealthy Fast Affirmations

There’s a saying which has come out of my work with clients in Small Business Big Magic that the difference between scarcity and abundance is about three weeks. That’s the time it takes most to turn it around, assuming they manage their state (emotions, thoughts, feelings) and do all they can from where they are with what they have. Something will change. Funds will be incoming again, the flow of the abundance fountain will start again, even if only a trickle to begin with.

After that, when you can breathe again, it’s time to learn to do something about it to flatten out the curves, so you experience scarcity less and less and that when inevitably it is your turn, you can accept it without crippling anxiety and sleepless nights.

In her book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert reminds us that there is no shame in a part-time job en route to your dreams. Financial integrity is vital because it stops your fears of lack which zap all creativity.

Rudyard Kipling might have called abundance and scarcity triumph and disaster and encouraged us to see them both as imposters and treat them just the same. One is no more real than the other. It’s all in your head. Yes, I know it feels real and scary, and it looks different in the rows of digits on your bank statement. But it’s just business, it;s just money. It’s not real life. There’s much you can do to get used to it, manage it and improve it.

Welcome to the life you have chosen. Welcome to your great financial adventure. Imagine being good at this!

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