PadlockA lot of the 30DC questions I am being asked are about scarcity.

  • I am worried that people will run off with my ideas
  • Should I trademark my company name?
  • Should I copyright my content?
  • If I blog about what I am planning to create in my business, won’t people simply rip it off?
  • There’s so much competition in this field already, is there room for me?
  • The blogosphere is so full of content already, I don’t think I have anything new to contribute.

Honestly, I could share a lot more. This sort of thing is a recurring theme. No sooner have I calmed one down and got them to see my sense, than another pops up. I would need to be at least an eight-legged spider with hands on the ends of each leg, in order to be able to keep all the scarcity down all of the time, and even then I’d need more legs, perhaps an infinite number.

This isn’t my own worldview. I consider it to be an abundant world where there’s plenty of room for me and my ideas. A place where each of us is unique with equal opportunities to express our opinions on a blog and bring our value to market.

For sure, the opposite is true, there are people in the world who have stolen my ideas, un-effing-believable. I just shrug and think “what a shame you don’t have your own” or words to that effect.

And yes, people have stopped me trading at least once and tried at least once more because they felt that what I was doing was threatening them in some way. It wasn’t, but I didn’t have the time or the patience to convince them otherwise. In one instance I allowed it to pass. In the other I fought back with a much larger weapon. Game over in one volley. Generally I do not have the energy for a fight, and I am unwilling to join their scarce and mean little games.

If you think of the world as a huge and friendly place with plenty of room for all of us to earn a living doing what we love, then that will be your experience.

  • Be abundant and draw plenty, not lack, to you.
  • Give freely and be willing and open to receive in return.
  • What goes around comes around
  • There’s plenty for all, a veritable cornucopia of abundance in fact

There’s plenty. Everyone else is focused on their own stuff, not yours. So, show up with an enormous bucket to get your bit. That or something better.

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