Seasons and Renewal Cycles – Podcast Ep 148

Today I returned to the podcast after five weeks off for my August holiday, during which time Nicola was very well served by my honourable stand-ins Georgina Noel, Jo Dodds, Susan Weeks, Lisa Warner and Rosie Slosek. And my August has been so jam-packed I couldn’t possibly fill her in with everything I’d been up to, or we’d still be talking about it at Christmas, such is my enthusiasm for my holiday, my return to work, my book and Facebook Page marketing.

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I did tell her about the beautiful memes created for me by Tara Roskell, all the reading I’ve been doing with Not the Booker Shortlist, a psychic reading with Isobel Gatherer, a visit from the same Jo Dodds, lots of al fresco parties and sunshine. It was the loveliest August I can remember, in every sense and I feel totally refreshed, renewed and excited which was precisely the point. Today I am overflowing with enthusiasm for the September return to work proper. I am back on deck, thank you Linda for that one.

The thing I really noticed and tried to explain to Nicola, not altogether successfully I think due in part to our slightly dodgy Zoom connection between Blighty and Greece today, was that although I was really really busy and many clients told me that wasn’t really a holiday, what made all the difference was that in the first few weeks when I was still officially working at least in part, I felt a sense of duty to be there with my clients as I have chosen and as our relationship demands. But in the final ten days when everyone knew I was Officially Off, it really felt liberating to know that was 100% my choice and that nothing was expected or demanded. There is quite a bit difference, I hope you can see that? I’m still thinking and feeling my way through it, that’s why I’m not doing a great job of explaining it yet.

My fire has been fuelled by three new clients in Club 100 and learning lots about Facebook Page marketing. A while back I told Nicola that if I were starting again I wouldn’t have a website, I’d just have a Facebook Page hooked up to Mailchimp and guess what I’ve only gone and manifested? A way to do that which makes my Facebook Page my central online hub, so the days of persuading my ideal client to come away from Facebook and visit my tiny unimportant little website are over, I am going to play with them where they already are. and where they love to be. And Nicola tells me this chimes very much with Facebook’s own agenda. They want us never to leave, obviously!  More on this as I learn and implement even more.

Nicola’s got her two children, Phoebe and Nelson, visiting her for a few days and they are having a mostly lovely (and background noisy!) time of swimming, eating out, hanging out and watching Game of Thrones. There have been some challenging communication issues but it was ever thus with families, eh? And N’s on fire with a new 12 week challenge, a new webinar and a ticklist created on a sunbed.

Our Challenge of the week revolves around a topic which first came to light in Chris Barrow’s July Newsletter about The Renewal Cycle and Nicola chose Renewal as her word of the week way back then. Chris is very much an alpha personality who isn’t enjoying life if he isn’t challenging himself, setting goals and growing in his business and his life. And Nicola and I are not all the way there, we are partly in and partly out. I’ve had conversations this week with clients and friends who have the Quester as their default setting, and a sense that unless they are continuously improving they are “wasting” they lives, or that they have unfulfilled potential. I shared with one client that yesterday I contemplated for the first time ever actually implementing an intuitive nudge to just sit for an hour, rather than filling it in with busy work between appointments. I didn’t in the end, I went onto Amazon and pootled about choosing some lovely pens and crayons and books for an intended return to my colouring-in hobby of 2015. I didn’t even press the Buy Now button so I neither idled, nor achieved anything meaningful, nor did I feel I was living a half-life. Again, more on this as it unfolds thinking-wise, and thinking is very much a doing/being activity rather than a doing/doing one. I have a sense that being is more than doing, not less. And I have been writing about that for more than a decade, so fascinating is it to me.

Our talk of seasons and cycles puts me in mind of The Byrds’ Turn! Turn! Turn! which I listen to and sing along with as I am creating this week’s shownotes!

Our Words of the Week are Communication and Book(s). Nicola and her kids have enjoyed some communication challenges and I’ve been writing one book and reading loads of lovely stretchy novels for Not The Booker Shortlist 2017.

In Project Updates Nicola reports the podcast is on a strong upward trend, and I tell her I am up to 54,000 words for my own book, am talking to a client who is a photographer about headshots to go with my book launch which prompts a discussion about Rankin. No pressure, Alison! And that I’ve found a miracle worker who’s up for creating my covers and doing the design and formatting for all versions of my book which I’m chuffed about. I did that on Monday and Tuesday and on Tuesday I also hired a US-based VA to help me with the new Facebook Page magic implementation. OMG.

Nicola is impressed by her client Kate and me by mine Vannessa. Kate is efficient, and Vannessa is generous, sending me a gift of a beautiful AB ring after I enthused about AB (aurora borealis) crystals so much earlier in the year. Vannessa’s business is

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