SBBM: What’s to Love about our Secret Facebook Group?

rsz_judiths_secret_sbbm_facebook_groupI asked the members of Small Business Big Magic what they love about our secret Facebook Group and here are their replies:

  • I feel like I’m not alone. There’s always someone who’s got my back
  • Ongoing support means I can strive forward knowing I’m far less likely to give up or get distracted when doubts, fear or resistance occur. This helps me trust myself more, relax and be more creative/productive
  • SBBM is grounded, practical and supportive in a way that allows the magical big stuff to happen
  • The support is invaluable; to know that we are part of a group with similar hopes and dreams is simply brilliant.
  • I was only just thinking to myself the other day how valuable it is to be part of the gang.
  • I just feel very positive with this supportive, happy group.
  • I love being held accountable, making statements of intent, but in a moving forward (not in a deadline) way.
  • It’s so inspiring to see what others have managed to achieve, how they live, what life can be like as an entrepreneur.
  • Connections – we all come with our circles of friends and relations, and we can benefit one another by sharing within our fields.
  • Friendship – an entrepreneurial environment that I don’t have in my real life. A place to ask for advice and opinions. A place to have a brag when you’re proud of yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Support, ideas and accountability from the group are also invaluable. The knowledge that you and the group are “out there” is very helpful in terms of alleviating the sense of isolation that solopreneurs like myself can sometimes suffer.
  • SBBM provides me with the team atmosphere that is often missing when one goes it alone.
  • I like the fact that I can get others’ viewpoints day or night and people are always willing to share, including you, of course.
  • The small size of the group makes it possible to almost get to know everyone.
  • SBBM is a lovely group of warm, supportive individuals. We all cheer each other on and provide advice on various topics so the Facebook group is really valuable.
  • I like the fact that it’s a secret group, it feels more exclusive that way.
  • I feel part of a community – for encouragement, support and this is especially useful… someone outside of the family and friends or immediate business circle…who can share, support, commiserate or celebrate the cycles of business
  • There’s a quick response for any time when really you feel you need some help or guidance
  • And we can share ideas, books, thoughts, suggestions and progress

Our SBBM secret Facebook Group runs 24/7 and there’s always someone online – all around the world – to offer you a cheery word of celebration or commiseration or offer you a solution to your problem, especially me. If this sounds like something which could benefit your business, then contact me and let’s discuss if it would be a good fit for you.


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