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self-careIt’s back to business school today for my clients, the first day of our spring term. We are all keen as mustard. I tickled up both my groups over the weekend and asked how they were feeling in Small Business Big Magic and encouraged all the members of Club 100 to send in their weekly reports today, as is our wont on Monday mornings. Not everyone does all of those all of the time but I thought after two weeks off, we should start today as we mean to go on.

A theme emerged in the written reports, one I’m very pleased about. They are all (after two weeks rest and recuperation) leading with matters of a self-care nature. Our goals and intentions for 2015, now that we are all feeling well, refreshed and relaxed, is to do more of that… investing in ourselves first, not last. The lessons from the Xmas Lurgy have been learned and learned well.

So today I did my self-care too – juicing, journaling, my miracles reading, a little walk round the block and 10 minutes’ meditation with Headspace. I’m four or five days into no work emails after office hours and no iPads in the bedroom and I’m feeling all the better for those two already. I’ve found the perfect “knock off” prompt, since send me their daily email at 1800 GMT so effectively it’s no emails after that one. Lovely. A cut-off point and a nice reminder of my new self-imposed and policed boundary!

My other main self-care thing for 2015 is returning to being a woman who excels at single-tasking, by which I mean doing only one thing at once. So, only emails, or only Facebook, or only a client call (not difficult that one as it requires all my attention with all my senses) or only blogging or writing a newsletter etc., not all three or four at once! I am getting a little bit good at this and plenty of practice which, of course, will make perfect any day now.

When I say “any day now” I’m kidding, of course, because I’ve been doing it the other way all my life, it seems, so it might take me a while longer than that. I know the meditation will help and I’m really enjoying catching myself doing it (the multi-tasking) and putting myself back on the ‘one thing at a time’ straight and narrow. Actually I am rather convinced that the self-care combo I have chosen for myself in 2015 will each support the other.

Of course, it’s one thing to do these things in the first few days of January, but how long will it take to embed them as new habits? Only time will tell. The ones I love will be easy. The ones I love myself enough to stick at will get there eventually. And any I’ve picked which are just plain wrong will fall away. It’ll be fascinating to see what we are all still sticking to this time next year.

This year, after blogging 365 during 2014, I am resolved not to blog every day. I will aim to blog most business days, Monday to Friday, when I have something to say. I am going to put the 2015 blog posts into a category called A Day in the Life of a Business Coach and focus mainly on that. I plan also to write most days on Facebook too, about all sorts of different things, experimenting with new ways to enjoy communicating on that medium.

Along with all my clients, I am excited about the possibilities for 2015 and that’s precisely the right spirit to begin the New Year with, however long it takes each of us to come up to speed. Today this business coach has done 18+ weekly check-ins, read and replied, a live Facebook group 2-4 p.m., a Small Business Big Magic drop in call 5-6.30, this blog post, a handful of admin-y type jobs and taken a good stab at enough of my own new self-care. And that’s enough for today, Monday 5th January 2015.

What have you been up to today, on the first business day of 2015, ¬†and how high does self-care come up your list of intentions, goals and resolutions for the rest of the year? I am certain sure that none of us will regret anything we put in the tank for ourselves. It pays dividends in so many ways and is particularly vital for the self-employed since we don’t have sick pay etc.

Look after you, first and foremost. Feed your soul. Invest in and protect the finest asset of your business – you! Do it now. Do it first, not last.


Just a little reminder that I am still looking for my Lucky 13 for 2015. If you are contemplating joining either of my coaching groups, now’s the time, January that is… as there are some bargains to be had for the next few days, specifically 14 months’ membership for the price of 10 or even 15 if you hit today’s deadline.

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