Self-Promotion: How To Blow Your Own Business Trumpet…Elegantly

Self PromotionAs I work with clients and colleagues, recurring themes come in chunks. This week’s theme? A disinclination to self-promote. Yuk. It’s not nice, is it? And it’s not British. It isn’t modest and its uncomfortable. So many reasons not to do it, including it being time consuming and not what we’d prefer to be doing and then there’s all those yukky feelings turning us off.

I listen to my clients and colleagues as they explain this, then I help them find a way to get it done because done it must be if we want to make any money from our wonderful creations and ideas.

There’s always a way.

So firstly we brainstorm all the things which could be done. Two minds are better than one, especially one which is already turned off to the whole concept.

And then we pick from the list of the ones which are now starting to look somewhat appealing, attractive, interesting, sexy, alternative, fun and do-able, though not all of those at the same time necessarily. These are the ones which will be done. These are the ones where I find an idea which my client does find at least possible, and that unlocks a whole cascade of brilliant marketing ideas they themselves are able to generate. And then we are off and running.

Often my client has a secret idea of one or two tunes they could bear to practice and play on their own marketing trumpet. And once I have pointed out that there was really no point in creating their content in the first place if they always intended to keep it a secret, then they get it. So we focus on the end user, the person who is going to derive a lot of value or benefit from what we offer instead of on ourselves, we who feel a bit embarrassed about telling the world how great we are or our stuff is.

Its not about us being great, its about our products or services offering something wonderful or luxurious or soothing or problem or pain-solving for the world.

It’s a crime to keep that good stuff hidden. Come on and share yourself and your stuff with the world. Heal the world.

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