Self-Publishing My Book with Amazon: Podcast Ep 161

Today’s show is all about my experiences as a first-time author, specifically selling the digital version easily and profitably from my own website and my shop at Selz versus the trials and tribulations of market-dominating Amazon for those who want a print version. So why did I have to concede and go with Amazon in the end? The short answer is reach and ease for those readers who live anywhere in the world and are not especially tech-savvy though blissfully those have been a very small percentage thus far.

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In other news, our words of the week are Author (me) and Integrity (her). Nicola chooses integrity out of a conversation about the tips and tricks of getting to #1 on Amazon and being able to call yourself a best-selling author, and I am happy that currently isn’t one of my goals.  I am slightly regretting my decision to offer a print version for all sorts of reasons but these are very early days and, as always, I reserve the right to change my opinion. I shall keep that under review for Volume 2.

Nicola is feeling some trepidation about her forthcoming visit to the UK, but she’s found a way to do more leisure reading during the daytime but turning on some soft classical music. And she’s been playing with some new tech so that she can, whenever she wants, do a series of weeks with daily Facebook Lives. She’s eschewing another $49 for an upgraded version of Zoom in favour of some free software she’s discovered and is very much focused on tight overhead control which is always a good idea.

I tell her about my pricing on my eBook and how selling on Amazon will mean I have to charge more on the book price to make less than half the profit myself, and that I found the re-frame thanks to Guy Levine, namely that each fiver I received from Amazon can be regarded as a paid lead into my marketing funnel. Awful jargon, please excuse. This leads to my somewhat exasperated question which is the focus of the show, Why on Earth Would Anyone Ever Choose to Sell Anything on Amazon! I am sure it will all come right in the end. I am reminded of the tenacity one needs to get through some business challenges and opportunities.

Our project updates include my book sales numbers to date and our podcast progress in our chosen new categories on iTunes. And Nicola is wrapping with her Be Everyone Online client, Kate, who no sooner than she had announced her results of trebled income but no course sales, was able to proudly report her first digital sale. Ka-ching. You never forget your first.

I am impressed by Selz and Nicola by Real Rap with Reynolds which led her to via Pencils of Promise who build schools in Africa and we end with a little agreement about the value of education, whether the current system is broken and how MissionU addresses that.


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